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FIVE TEN cycling – MTB shoes for extreme sports
FIVE TEN is a US manufacturer of bike shoes and cycling sneakers that are put through their paces in the different disciplines of mountain biking, including downhill and cross country. FIVE TEN bike shoes are known for their special rubber compound sole. They offer an outstanding balance between grip and durability; an exceptional damping is another feature of FIVE TEN bike shoes. An especially good sole padding makes sure that shocks are well absorbed. With its extreme sport shoes for mountain bikers, FIVE TEN combines different features such as very lightweight and breathable materials (e.g. mesh inserts) and soles with different hardness zones to perfectly support your feet while riding. As mountain bikers need extreme body control and a total control over the bike, the cycling shoes also have to show their full potential in every second and on any ground. With a special rubber compound with exceptional adhesive properties, the US manufacturer of shoes and sneakers has developed a technology that turns FIVE TEN shoes to reliable companions for mountain bikers. Since the foundation of the company in 1985, the shoes have been worn on all bike trails in the world where precise grip decides between victory and defeat.

Cycling shoes by FIVE TEN – a popular brand among mountain bikers
Stones, dirt, rocks, branches and roots can run mountain bikers off their course at any time. For these extreme conditions in mountain biking, the US manufacturer of cycling shoes and sneakers has developed different shoe models with a sole made of a durable rubber compound that offers excellent adhesive properties and that is combined with a sturdy upper. The padding is designed to provide comfort and controlled movements even when the ankles are subject to high stresses. FIVE TEN shoes for bikers are designed for use with platform pedals. The grip of the sole and the hard-wearing rubber compound with anti-slip properties ensure a perfect hold on the pedal.

The models can be used for mountain biking, freeriding, downhill and cross country riding as well as for many other disciplines throughout the whole year. For additional protection, FIVE TEN also offers cycling shoes with an ankle-high shaft. This prevents serious injuries of the feet and thus makes sure that the riders can fully concentrate on the track. Moreover, some FIVE TEN models can also be used with cleats so that you can click the shoes into the pedals.