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Since 1985, Five Ten – The Brand of the Brave – has had a lasting influence on the history of climbing. The story of Five Ten began in Yosemite Valley – what else would you expect from a US brand with deep roots in climbing? In free climbing, the grade 5.10 marked the transition from moderate climbs to extremely technical routes in the mid-1980s. Charles Cole, founder of Five Ten and climber of hard and renowned for being the first climberon various daring slab and friction routes with great runouts, made it his business to create outdoor shoes, after he had had a near-miss slip while descending on a tour in Yosemite National Park. His aim was to develop a shoewith a special rubber compound to offer lots of grip. Shortly after, he developed the legendary Stealth Rubber! Even today, this rubber compound is still used on the most difficult terrain with further developed formulas. Actually, you could say that Five Ten has reinvented the climbing shoe: Numerous first climbs since 1985 would not have been possible without the climbing shoes by Five Ten – or they would have only been realised many years later. Five Ten has consistently succeeded in raising the bar for high-end climbing shoes and MTB shoes while regularly setting new standards!

MTB Shoes by Five Ten – Designed for Demanding Trails
What started with climbingshoes and continued with approachand water sports shoes has become highly popular among mountain bikers, and it must have been years since there was no Five Ten shoe on the podium at an MTB Downhill World Cup race. Whether freeriding, trail riding or downhill – You will come across Five Ten shoes whenever things get a bit more extreme. Besides, the cycling shoes combine an incredible non-slip Stealth Rubber sole blend with a fantastic finish, high comfort and a casual look. Five Ten shoes ensure an absolutely solid grip on platform pedals, which is vital for good control. Five Ten has the right shoe for every intended use. All of them have a sole with a nice tread pattern for excellent friction as well as a robust upper material. You can choose between Five Ten MTB shoes with holes for SPD cleat systems and clipless freeride shoes with an anti-slip rubber sole for use in combination with flat pedals.

Approach Shoes – Stylish Sneakers by Five Ten
The combination of grip, a high-quality finish and a nice design makes the shoes perfectly suitable for approaching and everyday use. Therefore, Five Ten offers a wide range of stylish approach shoes and sneakers!

Five Ten Stealth – Rubber Compounds for Any Intended Use
Highly reliable material is vital for every type of sport that Five Ten provides for, and can often be the deciding factor between success and failure. Your feet cannot just lose their grip when climbing, bouldering or mountain biking! The decisive factor for a rubber compound is the combination of durability and friction! To make a climbing shoe or MTB shoe as durable as possible, the sole must be built tough. At the same time, it should offer the right amount of friction for every surface so it provides reliable grip on rocks, downhill in the saddle or on a climb. This is achieved by precisely adapting the different versions of Stealth Rubber to their intended use and by working in close cooperation with top athletes! The success speaks for itself– the popular Stealth soles have become an essential part of shoes for MTB,freeriding, downhill and climbing.

Discover our range of freeride, flat pedal and MTB shoes by Five Ten! In our online shop, you can find the shoes by the cult brand Five Ten in all common UK sizes and colours ranging from classic blackthrough to trendy colours of the season, as well as for women and men. You can choose between light summer MTB shoes and freeride shoes with breathable mesh panels and robust, wind- and waterproof MTB and freeride shoes for winter. Check out the popular FREERIDER collection, the IMPACT collection or the Danny MacAskill Shoes of the Scottish pro cyclist!