Versatile bicycle components for hobby cyclists and real pros


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The brand Fi’zi:k has been firmly established in the cycle racing sector since 1996. The company was founded as a subsidiary of SELLE ROYAL and has become popular as a manufacturer of ergonomic bicycle saddles, bicycle components and cycling shoes. Fi’zi:k is the phonetic spelling of the term “physic” and refers to the physical condition of the human body.

Fi’zi:k’s range includes diverse components that establish a direct connection between the rider and the bike: Saddles and handlebar tapes are designed to meet the quality standards of cyclists and to be used for competitions or time trials. However, Fi’zi:k also offers the right products for ambitious hobby cyclists who want to fight against the time.

Fi’zi:k – the brand for road bikes, mountain bikes, women and men
The Italian brand Fi’zi:k wants its products, e.g. saddles, to ideally adapt to the rider and not the other way around. Studies on anatomy and movements are the basis for the product developments of the Italians. Fi’zi:k women’s and men’s saddles can be found in triathlons, road races or on MTB trails. The manufacturer especially impresses with well-balanced, lightweight and ergonomic products. The Wing Flex elements by Fi’zi:k, for instance, offer the desired freedom of movement for the thighs when pedalling. The WING FLEX technology is a shell that bends downwards when riding. This makes the movements more complete and efficient.

Even though the company clearly focuses on the development of saddles, there are also other products available at Fi’zi:k. Handlebar tapes and grips that stand out for their robust and breathable material are also part of the manufacturer’s product range.