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Since 1975, F100 supplies creaking, rattling and dirty bikes with care products of premium quality. The brand F100 of the company Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie is specialized in care products for bikes that are subject to severe stress. The company offers a huge range of different cleaning agents, lubricants, waterproofing sprays and much more – whether for road bikes, e-bikes, trekking bikes or MTBs.

A perfectly maintained bike not only proves advantageous for pro cyclists. Hobby cyclists, too, will appreciate the investment in a smooth running and reliable bike. Regular maintenance increases riding enjoyment as well as the efficiency of the drivetrain and all movable parts while also increasing the bike’s durability. Ambitious cyclists probably know about this fact, however, they can also still learn how to properly use care products.  

F100 established its reputation through a balanced and huge product range, as well as through research and innovation with regards to its high-tech products.

The bicycle care product that is probably used the most is the chain oil – and this is not without reason, as it helps to reduce friction and wear at this highly stressed component. A well lubricated chain ensures smooth running as well as excellent protection from corrosion and wear when riding through mud or rain. This significantly increases the service life of a chain.