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Since 1985 the Challenge company has produced bicycle tyres in diverse versions, colours, sizes and models. The name Challenge already suggests what these tyres are made for: As a cyclist, you are facing new challenges every day. And that’s exactly what Challenge cyclocross or road tyres are made for – to help you on these challenges. Whether on narrow cross-country tracks or fast road races: Challenge offers the right tyre composition for every occasion.

Challenge cyclocross tyres: keep your wheels on the ground
The Italian company puts great emphasis on the fact that many of its tyre models were developed together with professional cyclocross riders. Many of the Open Tubular cross and trekking tyres are produced with the same procedures and the same materials as tubular tyres. However, this procedure does not involve a sewing together of the carcasses, but the edges are arranged around aramid strands. This results in the hooks that are typical of clincher tyres and that keep the tyre in the rim. Combined with a latex inner tube, the Open Tubular tyres offer a ride quality that is very similar to the one of a tubular tyre. It offers excellent grip, ideal cornering , rolling resistance and comfort.

Ready for every race – with the Challenge road tyres
The road bike tyres are of very high popularity, too: They do not only stand out for their excellent smooth running and their low rolling resistance. The power transfer is very good, too, making the Challenge bike tyres highly efficient.