Gorros y bragas de cuello multifuncionales


The BUFF brand was founded in 1992 in Igualada, near Barcelona, and is specialised in the production of useful, comfortable and yet multifunctional sports textiles. BUFF headwear is particularly popular among cyclists. The textiles are seamlessly made and breathable. The multi-purpose tubular headwear finds a place everywhere, because it is so thin that it can also be worn under a cycle helmet. In this way, you are also well protected in the head and neck area, even in cold weather. 

BUFF functional cycling scarves – headgear short and long-distance cycling tours 
The classic and at the same time one of the best known products of BUFF comes in a simple and practical form, so that cyclists are always glad to use it on short and long cycling tours: A stretchy, breathable and water-repellent functional scarf. BUFF is worn by all types of cyclists and used for neck, face or head. Its seamless design makes it especially comfortable to wear and thanks to its elasticity, it is suitable for versatile use. As a cap, face mask, headband, balaclava or classically as a scarf – BUFF functional cycling scarves are practical companions for your bike tour in any weather. 

BUFF tubular headgear – functionally designed cycle clothing 
The foundation stone for the success of the textile functional scarves was laid in 1992 near Barcelona. Today, the products are available in more than 60 countries. The tubular shape makes the BUFF products easy to put on and take off. As you can easily sweat while cycling, the COOLMAX technology ensures that sweat is directly wicked away from the skin, so that it can evaporate on the surface which regulates the body heat. In this way, cyclists can enjoy pleasant wearing comfort on a long-term basis.