Textile Guard Eco RT Spray Impregnation

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Textile Guard Eco RT Spray Impregnation
Textile Guard Eco RT Spray Impregnation

Fibertec Textile Guard Eco RT Spray Impregnation

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Textile Guard Eco RT by Fibertec is a fluorine-free spray impregnation with a biodegradable polymer-based active substance. The formula of the dirt- and water-repellent impregnation achieves a maximum beading effect even when dried at room temperature. Heat treatment in the tumble dryer or with the iron is not necessary anymore.

Unlike many conventional fluorine-free products, Fibertec Eco Line waterproofing agents do not build a closed film on textile surfaces, but open, cross-linked structures. This preserves the water-repellent properties and breathability of membrane clothing. Ideal for re-waterproofing while preserving the functionality.

Directions for use:
Fibertec Textile Guard Eco RT waterproofing spray is suitable for almost all types of waterproof and breathable technical clothing with membranes or coatings (e.g. Gore-Tex, Sympatex, Texapore, Hyvent, Ceplex, Dermizax, etc.). For hardshells, softshells, rain jackets, rain trousers, motorbike clothing, ski clothing, sailing clothing. Also suitable for G-1000 and other poly-cotton textiles.

Before waterproofing, wash the garment with "Fibertec PRO WASH ECO" (prod. code 2283282) and allow to drain well. For waterproofing, spray a thin layer of TEXTILE GUARD ECO RT on the outer fabric, spread evenly over the fabric with a sponge and rub into the fabric. Hang the garment on a wide hanger and leave to dry at room temperature for at least 12 hours. 120 to 150 ml Fibertec waterproofing spray is sufficient for approx. 1 jacket in size L.

• PFC-free spray impregnation
• Optimised for breathable technical clothing
• Strongly water-repellent effect
• Retains the breathability of the waterproof membrane
• Activates at room temperature
• Water-based raw materials
• Without solvents
• Free from per- and polyfluorinated chemicals
• Biodegradable polymer active substance
• Bottle made from 100% recycled plastic
• Contains no microplastics
• Vegan formula
• Highly concentrated and economical (sufficient for 4-5 textiles)
• Available as spray bottle and refill bag
• Volume: 500 ml

In the box:
• 1 Fibertec TEXTILE GUARD ECO RT impregnation (please choose between 500 ml bottle or 500 ml refill pack)

Before use, please follow the manufacturer's care instructions. If necessary, first check compatibility on a concealed spot.

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Textile Guard Eco RT Spray Impregnation

500ml Nachfüllpack

Textile Guard Eco RT Spray Impregnation