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B + M B+M Ixon IQ charger

Mains charger for charging the batteries directly in the device for Ixon IQ and Ixon IQ Premium front lamps. · plug type: Eurostecker · not suitable...

en vez de 15,20 € 11,90 

MonkeyLink handlebar clamp

Especially designed for MonkeyLink components, the bolt-on MonkeyLink handlebar mount is permanently installed on the cockpit of your bike. The positi...

Color: schwarz


¡Mejor valorado!

B + M charger

· fits Ixon Speed/Ixon IQ Speed/Ixon IQ Speed Premium · charger with shut-off electronics

RRP 39,90 € 17,90 


Herrmans Herrmans-Leiterplatte mit Kondensator für Integrations LED-Rücklicht

Leiterplatte mit Kondensator passend für Hermanns Integrations LED-Rücklicht vom Racktime I-VALO Gepäckträger. Herstellernummer: 12688

RRP 14,90 € 9,90 

B + M strap for IXXi LED rear light

Replacement strap to mount a B + M IXXI rear light. · For attachment to the seat post (Ø 22 - 35 mm)


¡Mejor valorado!
¡Stock bajo!

B + M coiled cable

· fits Ixon Speed/Ixon IQ Speed/Ixon IQ Speed Premium · available in length 30-50 cm or 125-150 cm Please specify length!

RRP 8,90 € desde5,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

Sigma SIGMA helmet holder for KARMA EVO, POWERLED EVO and QUADRO X

· incl. extension cable for IION XL and IION batteries and mounting material

RRP 4,95 € 3,95 

AXA Greenline Fork Bracket

The Greenline Fork Bracket by AXA allows you to screw your Greenlight headlight to rigid fork crowns or suspension fork bridges with through hole. The...

RRP 5,99 € 3,95 

Lunivo lithium-ion battery for Vegas F30 / F40

The Lunivo replacement battery for Lunivo F30 and F40 headlights offers maximum power and a reliable light on time. Twist and remove the power unit fr...

RRP 19,95 € 17,95 

B + M helmet bracket

· fits Ixon Speed/Ixon IQ Speed/Ixon IQ Speed Premium · incl. headband for wearing the lamp directly on the forehead · incl. 125-150 cm spiral cable (...

RRP 29,90 € 23,50 

¡Mejor valorado!
¡Stock bajo!

Sigma SIGMA battery charger

· suitable for the integrated LIGHTSTER charger socket

RRP 7,95 € 4,95 

¡Stock bajo!

by.Schulz SDS link adapter kit CAM + 10 B6 stem-mounted

Illuminate the road and record your best tours with your action camera. No head strap construction, helmet adapter or wobbly mounts. The by.Schulz SDS...

Color: schwarz

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