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SHIMANO M70T3 V-brake brake shoes

· LX/Deore quality · 2 pieces


¡Mejor valorado!

ROSE WCR Triple Compound V-brake brake shoes

These ROSE triple compound brake shoes for V-brakes reduce squeaking and work perfectly in wet conditions due to a built-in central water channel. The...

en vez de 14,13 € 12,90 

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ROSE V-brake brake shoes

ROSE brake pads for V-brakes, compatible with Shimano LX, Alivio and Deore. · 2 pieces


¡Mejor valorado!

ROSE Triple Compound SCS V-brake brake shoes

The 3 different rubber compounds are suitable for every area of use. In addition there is less impact on the rim surface. · brake pads replaceable (i...


¡Mejor valorado!

Kool Stop V-brake pads

The V-type brake pads by Kool Stop develop high braking power with low wear. The bent tip removes dirt and water from the rim and provides thus optimu...

en vez de 7,11 € 5,90 

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SHIMANO XT BR-M770 V-brake brake shoes

· brake pads can be individually replaced · 2 pieces


Kool Stop Dual Compound Cartridge brake pads V-brake

Those looking for universal replacement brake pads for their V-brake will be on the safe side with the Kool Stop Dual Compound for use in any weather....

Color: Dual Compound

Dual Compound
en vez de 9,10 € 7,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

SHIMANO XTR/XT/LX 580/LX-T 660 S 70C brake blocks

Special brake lining to prevent that annoying squeal with V brakes. Compatible with all V brake shoes for replaceable brake blocks. · 4 pieces

en vez de 5,90 € 4,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

ROSE Triple Compound SCS brake pads

ROSE replaceable pads for item no. 983310, also suitable for Shimano XTR/XT/LX 580/ LX-T 660. · 2 pieces


ROSE Ajust V-brake shoes Light MTB

Even in difficult conditions, the Adjust MTB V-brake shoes by ROSE offer great breaking power and modulation. Whether abrupt braking manoeuvres or sli...

Color: schwarz


¡Mejor valorado!

SHIMANO M70R2 brake pads

V-brake brake pads, compatible with all V-brake brake shoes for exchangeable pads, e.g. BR-M970/960/951/T780/770/760/ 750/T670/T660/T610/590/580/510/4...

en vez de 3,56 € 2,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

ROSE WCR Quad V-brakes brake shoes

ROSE WCR Quad brake pads are divided into 4 areas - guaranteed to bring the bike to a stop! The "Max Brake" section supplements the well-known functio...


¡Mejor valorado!

Xtreme V-brake brake shoes

V-brake brake shoes · brake pads replaceable · 2 pieces


¡Mejor valorado!

Kool Stop Thinline V-brake brake shoes

Maximum braking power for V-brakes. · for aluminium rims · 2 pieces

en vez de 11,13 € 8,90 

¡Mejor valorado!

SHIMANO S 70C brake pads

Special brake pads put a stop to irritating squeaking in V-brakes. Compatible with all V-brake brake shoes for exchangeable pads. · 2 pieces

RRP 7,95 € 5,95 

ROSE V-brake brake pads

V-brake brake pads for Shimano XTR/XT or similar brake shoes. · 2 pieces

Color: schwarz


¡Mejor valorado!

Kool Stop Cross Pad for V-brake, brake shoes

A rim-friendly rubber compound transfers 100% of the braking power onto the rim, even in dangerous situations. · replaceable brake pads · light Dura...

en vez de 20,29 € 17,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

Xtreme WCR Triple Compound brake pads

Replacement pads for Xtreme Triple Compound brake shoes · 2 pieces


¡Mejor valorado!

Xtreme WCR Quad brake pads

Replacement pads for Xtreme WCR Quad brake shoes (item. no. 811965) · 2 pieces


SHIMANO BR-CX50 brake shoes

· R50T2 brake shoes for cross cantilever brake caliper BR-CX50 (item no.: 1775536) · angle-adjustable · 2 pieces

RRP 7,50 € 5,95 

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