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Garmin eTrex 30x GPS navigation device incl. TopoActive map of Western Europe

Switch on and head off. The popular and successful eTrex 30 is optimised here with a display with higher resolution and a larger internal memory. The...

Color: schwarz

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B + M E-Werk power supply and charger

For all those who want to use their mobile phones, GPS receivers, MP3 players and other electronic devices while cycling and for those who do not have...

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B + M USB-Werk power supply and charger

The USB-Werk is connected to the hub dynamo and provides a voltage of 5 volts and a current of 500 mA. An integrated cache battery ensures that the vo...

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Garmin GPSMAP64s navigation device bundle incl. Topo Germany V8 Pro

The GPSMAP® 64s is a robust, fully-featured navigation device. A high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver with quad helix antenna quickly acquires sa...

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Garmin bicycle bracket for navigation device Alpha 100, Approach, Astro, GPSMAP,...

With this bicycle bracket you can easily install your Garmin navigation device onto the handlebar or stem of your bike. This allows you to comfortably...

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B + M backup battery for E-Werk

Connected between E-Werk and mobile device (e.g. mobile phone, GPS, MP3 player etc.), the backup battery can at the same time be charged and give off...

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Teasi One 4 GPS device with protective bag

By combining latest technology with an updated software and a proven design, the Teasi One 4 GPS device follows in the footsteps of its successful pre...


K-Edge Garmin Mount XL handlebar bracket for Edge and Touring

Keep your Garmin bike computer always in view with the K-Edge Garmin Mount XL bracket. Positioned in the middle and easy to handle. Depending on your...

Color: schwarz

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K-Edge Garmin Gravity Cap stem mount

With the Gravity Cap stem mount you can fix your Garmin Edge® navigation device directly on the head tube. The cap mount replaces the head tube cap....

Color: rot

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Garmin Oregon 700 navigation device incl. Topo Germany V8 Pro map

Experience the impressive landscape of Germany when geocaching, cycling or hiking with the smart Oregon 700 navigation device including an integrated...

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Garmin NiMH battery pack for GPSMAP64 and Oregon 600/650/700/750 series

This battery pack gives your Garmin device some extra power. Especially useful for longer tours. Intelligent solution: The battery pack can either be...

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Garmin Topo Germany V8 Pro Micro SD card

With the Topo Germany V8 PRO map, Garmin publishes already the 8th generation of the popular leisure time and hiking map with updated data. It offers...

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K-Edge Garmin Edge® and Forerunner® adjustable stem mount

With this adjustable mount you can install your Garmin Edge® navigation device or your Garmin Forerunner® GPS watch directly aboe the stem. The angle...

Color: schwarz

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K-Edge Garmin Mount Combo handlebar bracket for Edge and Touring

The K-Edge Garmin Mount Combo bracket allows you to transport both your Garmin bike computer and your action camera. In this way, you can always follo...

Color: schwarz

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Tahuna fix - Dual bike mount

The Tahuna fix - Dual bike mount is a space-saving, elegant solution for your handlebar — with the original Quick4fix system for a fast and safe insta...

Color: schwarz

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Garmin Oregon 700 navigation device

The Garmin Oregon 700 navigation device will turn your outdoor trips into very special experiences. Your smart little companion not only offers combin...

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Garmin Topo TransAlpin+ Pro microSD card

Prepare for your next adventure in the Eastern Alps with the Garmin Topo TransAlpin+ Pro map. This product includes many indispensable features for le...

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Tahuna bike mount

Handlebar mount with ball joint and thus easy adjustment of angle of vision. · suitable for Teasi one/pro navigation device · fastening by means of h...

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Garmin GPSMAP64st navigation device incl. leisure map Europe

The GPSMAP® 64st is a robust, fully-featured navigation device. A high-sensitivity GPS and GLONASS receiver with quad helix antenna quickly acquires s...

Color: schwarz

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Garmin eTrex touch 25 navigation device incl. TopoActive Europa map

Thanks to its ergonomic design, its intuitive and activity-based operation, paperless geocaching and extended map functions, the eTrex navigation devi...

RRP 249,00 € 189,95