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CamelBak REPACK LR4 hip bag

- bike TEST WINNER 10/2018 - The REPACK LR4 hip bag by CamelBak naturally comes with integrated hydration system. The CRUX LUMBAR RESERVOIR can hold...

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CamelBak CLASSIC hydration pack

The CLASSIC hydration pack by CAMELBAK offers a 2,5 l hydration bladder and a stowage of 0,5 litres. It is thus perfectly suitable for short tours, ev...

CamelBak K.U.D.U. PROTECTOR 20 protector backpack

The K.U.D.U. PROTECTOR 20 by CamelBak is a protector backpack and a back protector in one! Thanks to the surrounding zips, you can zip off the bag and...

RRP 219,95 € 174,95 

CamelBak ROGUE hydration pack

The ROGUE MTB backpack by CAMELBAX is the perfect choice for short tours. Thanks to a 2,5 litre hydration bladder, it offers enough volume for tours l...


CamelBak M.U.L.E. LR 15 hydration pack

The M.U.L.E. LR 15 backpack by CAMELBAK cuts a fine figure on the trail. Thanks to hip fins with compression straps, the backpack can be fitted closer...

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CamelBak M.U.L.E. hydration pack

The M.U.L.E. MTB backpack by CAMELBAK offers the perfect basis for a day tour thanks to a large volume and a 3-litre hydration bladder. Details: • Li...

RRP 119,95 € desde79,95 

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CamelBak K.U.D.U. PROTECTOR 10 protector backpack

The K.U.D.U. PROTECTOR 10 by CamelBak is a protector backpack and back protector in one! Thanks to the surrounding zips, you can zip off the bag and j...

RRP 199,95 € desde129,95 

CamelBak HYDROBAK hydration pack

The HYDROBAK hydration pack transports its 1,5 l hydration bladder in style. It comes with a well-ventilated back and fits closely to your body for a...

CamelBak RATCHET hydration pack

The RATCHET MTB backpack by CAMELBAK impresses with great value for money. A 3 l hydration bladder, a well-ventilated back system and a clever interio...

CamelBak LOBO hydration pack

The hydration bladder of the LOBO MTB backpack by CAMELBAK holds no less than 3 litres, which is enough liquid for your evening ride or a day tour. Fe...

CamelBak CHASE BIKE VEST hydration vest

Hydration vests are already indispenable in running sports, now CamelBak launches the CHASE BIKE VEST. The vest is airy and lightweight and comes with...


CamelBak H.A.W.G. LR 20 hydration pack

With a volume of 20 litres, the H.A.W.G. LR 20 backpack by CAMELBAK offers enough space for your MTB tour. Thanks to the low rider fit and an extra-wi...

Color: black/laser orange

black/laser orange
black/laser orange
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POC Spine VPD Air Backpack 13

With a volume of 13 litres and a shock-absorbing VPD AIR protector, the Spine VPD Air Backpack 13 by POC is the perfect choice for a day trip with you...

Color: black


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V8 RAC 6.2 hydration pack incl. 1,5 L bladder

The RAC 6.2 backpack by V8 equipment features a hydration system with a 1,5 litre hydration bladded and is thus perfectly suitable for short tours. Th...

RRP 64,95 € 49,95 

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V8 FRD 11.1 backpack

Get started with the FRD 11.1 bike backpack by V8 equipment. Thanks to an adjustable carrying system, the backpack is individually adjustable. It eve...

Color: turquoise/black

RRP 74,95 € 54,95 

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Thule Vital Hydration Pack 6L

The Thule Hydration Pack 6L is a lightweight hydration bladder backpack for long tours and intensive rides. Thanks to a low centre of gravity, this ba...

Color: moroccan blue

moroccan blue
RRP 119,95 € desde95,95 

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CamelBak MINI M.U.L.E. kids' hydration pack

With the CAMELBAX MINI M.U.L.E. hydration pack for kids, young cyclists won't forget to drink. Especially adapted to a child's anatomy, this backpack...

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Thule Vital Hydration Pack 8L

The Thule Vital Hydration Pack 8L is a perfect hydration bladder backpack with flexible storage space for day tours. Thanks to a low centre of gravity...

Color: moroccan blue

moroccan blue
RRP 139,95 € 109,95 

VAUDE Bike Alpin 25+5 backpack

The Bike Alpin 25+5 by VAUDE offers enough volume for multi-day MTB tours. Thanks to a volume expansion option, this backpack easily turns into a 30-l...


Thule Rail 12L Pro hydration and protector backpack

The Rail 12L Pro by THULE is a well-designed MTB backpack that is a hydration pack and protector in one! It features both an integrated 2,5 litre hydr...

RRP 199,95 € 189,95 

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