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Redshift ShockStop Seat Post with Suspension

Código de producto: 230053101


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More than just a suspension seat post!
With the ShockStop Suspension Seat Post from Redshift, vibrations during the ride are reduced by up to 60 percent. This lets you ride more comfortably, without losing so much energy, as you no longer need to deal with tremors from cobblestones, gravel, potholes, and bumps 100% on your own. Making it ideal for randonneurs, bike packers, and gravel bikers - or really just anyone looking for more comfort.

Individual spring stiffness and preload:
For maximum comfort, you can configure the spring stiffness and preload. To determine the spring stiffness, choose between installing just the main suspension or combining it with the included additional suspension. The preload can be adjusted by hand on the underside of the seat post.

Compact and light:
The design of the Redshift ShockStop seat post is so compact that the suspension elements are barely noticeable. This adds to aerodynamic, weight, and visual characteristics of the seat post.

For which bikes is the seat post suitable?
Due to the vertical flexibility of 35 mm, it is suitable for almost any type of bike with a seat tube inner diameter of 27.2 mm Bikes with a larger diameter can be adjusted with an optional reduction sleeve.

• Intended use: racing, gravel, hybrid, touring
• Up to 60% less vibrations
• Seat tubs with 27.2 inside diameter
• Adjustable spring stiffness and preload

Rider’s weight:
• Main suspension only: approx. 50 to 80 kg (depending on the spring preload)
• Main suspension + additional suspension: approx. 90 to 110 kg (depending on the spring preload)
Please read the recommendations in the manual carefully!

• Material: 6061 T6 aluminium alloy
• Seat post Ø: 27.2 mm
• Length: 350 mm
• Minimum insertion depth: 100 mm
• Vertical flexibility (travel) 35 mm
• Offset to the rear (with 25 % flexibility/sag): approx. 12 mm
• Max. rider’s weight: 110 kg
• Saddle rail compatibility 7 mm round, 7 x 9 mm oval
• Weight: approx. 497 g

In the box:
• 1 Redshift ShockStop suspension seat post
• 1 main suspension (pre-installed)
• 1 additional suspension (enclosed)

For even more comfort you can find the Redshift ShockStop suspension stem under product code 2300519.


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ShockStop Seat Post with Suspension

Neben der gelungenen Option federt diese Feder alles weg. Eine Fahrt über Kopfsteinpflaster ist so angenehm möglich. Im direkten Vergleich mit der G2 von by.Schulz gefällt mir die Redshift deutlich besser.