Trelock cycling components protect your bike from thieves

The Trelock company has a long tradition in producing bicycle accessories and bike components in the segments of security, electronics and mechanics. Cyclists all over the world profit from the trust and the technical expertise, which the company has gained in its 150 years long history. Fascinating products with reliable functionality and tested quality decide about the success of the Trelock company and attract customers as well as partners on the international market.

Trelock bicycle components protect your bike from thieves
In the last 10 years particularly, the Trelock company with its high speed of innovation has significantly helped shape the cycling market with its bike components. The leap forward in development from mechanics to bicycle electronics, cycling software and optics of bicycle components, has helped the Trelock company from Germany to develop bicycle technology which enjoys a very good reputation among cyclists. The products, which the Trelock GmbH develops and produces in its headquarters in Münster, Germany, will make any thief give up. Trelock produces bike locks, such as chain locks, folding locks, coiled cable locks and frame locks, from a special steel, which is extremely resistant against saw, hammer or bolt croppers.

Trelock bicycle lights – featuring the latest technology
Another field of security is the topic of bike lights. The bicycle lights of the Trelock company are products that will brighten up a cyclist’s life. The company offers battery- and dynamo-powered bicycle headlights, as well as battery- and dynamo-powered tail lights for cycling and outdoor use. Being close to the market, the company produces products for lifestyle, hobby and sports and sets important standards with its extraordinary power of innovation. A qualified and efficient team realizes the latest technologies in Trelock’s modern innovation centre in Germany.