CenterLine Swim Snorkel with Nose Clip

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CenterLine Swim Snorkel with Nose Clip
CenterLine Swim Snorkel with Nose Clip

Zoggs CenterLine Swim Snorkel with Nose Clip

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The CenterLine Swim Snorkel is a hydrodynamic breathing aid from Zoggs, so you can fully focus on optimising your movements during the crawl. With the snorkel, the head no longer has to be turned to the side to breathe, so the water position remains calm. After putting on your swimming goggles, the CenterLine snorkel is simply positioned on the forehead with a flexible front strap a second strap to position it over the goggles. By placing it centrally at the front, it keeps the water resistance low you always have a good view of your surroundings. The well-fitting, soft mouthpiece allows you to inhale and exhale evenly in rhythm with your movements. Water that gets into the snorkel during the roll turn can easily be blown out with a breath. The included nose clip prevents water from entering the nose.

• Swimming training aid for breathing support without head turning
• Ideal for targeted strength, technique and endurance training in crawl swimming
• Adjustable head support with split headband for secure hold
• Ergonomic design with easy handling
• Can be combined with all swimming caps and goggles
• Well-fitting flexible silicone mouthpiece
• Phthalate-free
• Snorkel can also be used with roll turn
• Blow-out valve for water-free breathing
• Incl. nose clip

Technical details:
• Material: plastic, silicone

In the box:
• 1 Zoggs CenterLine Swim Snorkel
• 1 Zoggs Nose Clip

In combination with the Zoggs Hand Paddles (see prod. code 2264996) or the Pull-Buoy training wedge (prod. code 2311429), training sessions can be intensified to optimise upper body strength and impact technique. The Zoggs Kickboard can support your leg work technique training (prod. code 2311424 or 2311318).

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CenterLine Swim Snorkel with Nose Clip