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404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc Brake 28"/700 C road front wheel

Código de producto: 227307701

899,00 RRP 1.200,00 €

Precio IVA incluido más 2,95 € (de envío a España)


  • Color:  carbon


The Zipp Firecrest™ Revolution known for extremely high stiffness, aerodynamics, reliability and stability began with the 404 model series developed for maximum speed. Tailored to the wishes and requirements of competitive cyclists and triathletes, this series is a technological showpiece offering state-of-the-art technology. The 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc Brake wheel by Zipp is compatible with disc brakes and tubeless systems.

The profile of the high-end carbon rim made in Indianapolis (USA) is especially designed for use with powerful disc brakes, yet without compromising on aerodynamics. With the aid of numerous wind tunnel tests and advanced CFD software, Zipp has further optimized the wheel for more efficiency. Thus, the ABLC™ dimples, for example, reach up to the outer edge of the disc rim, so that you are perfectly prepared to handle crosswinds and ride faster with the same power input – which is especially important when riding against the time. Thanks to an inner width of 19 mm, the premium carbon rim is perfectly suitable for use with modern high-volume tyres. It is aerodynamically optimized for 25 mm wide tyres. When used as a tubeless system, you will benefit from a lower weight, lower rolling resistance, improved puncture protection and increased comfort.

The proven 77D hub of the Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc Brake frontwheel promises high reliability at that. The pre-set cartridge bearings don’t require any further adjustment and with an axle diameter of 17 mm, the hub is extremely stiff and convertible between quick release and thru axle without tools (adapters included). The flange geometry with an optimized spoke hole attachment pattern is especially designed for the Sapim® CX-Ray® aero spokes used and additionally provides maximum torsional and lateral stiffness.

· Firecrest™ Technology: slightly rounded rim profile with a near-constant width almost all the way to the spoke bed – this perfectly compensates for wind resistance between the downwind and windward side for improved control.
· ABLC™ Technology (Aerodynamic Boundary Layer Control): Many little recesses in the rim surface optimize the aerodynamic balance between downwind and windward side and thus increases stability in crosswinds.
· ImPress™ Technology: wheel graphics are directly printed onto the disc – thus, the round recesses inside the rim flange remain unaffected, just like their function to reduce air turbulences.
· VCLC™ Technology (Visco-Elastic Constrained Layer Control): Integration of visco-elastic materials into the carbon matrix with particularly shock-absorbing properties.
· Optimized flange geometry and spoke hole attachment pattern with Sapim® CX-Ray® aero spokes for maximum torsional and lateral stiffness.

· Spokes: 24 Sapim CX-Ray aero spokes, 2-cross
· Sapim Secure Lock nipples
· Carbon rim for clincher tyres
· Rim width: approx. 26,4 mm/height: approx. 58 mm
· ETRTO: 622 x 19 C
· For Presta valve
· Max. tyre pressure: 8,62 bars

· Type of hub: 77D
· 2 cartridge bearings
· Sealed, maintenance-free bearings – no preload adjustment required
· For disc brakes
· Brake disc mount: IS 6-hole
· Axle: 100 x 5 mm (quick release) & 100 x 12/15 mm (thru axle)

· Weight: approx. 800 g
· Max. weight of rider: 113 kg
· Max. system weight: 120 kg (cyclist, bike, gear and luggage)

In the box: quick-release skewer, tubeless rim tape (fitted), tubeless valve (fitted), valve remover, front wheel conversion kit for 100 x 12/15 mm (thru axle) and 100 x 5 mm (quick-release skewer)

Material: carbono:
Tubeless ready:
Freehub body:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
12 x 100 mm, 15 x 100 mm, 5 x 100 mm
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404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher Tubeless Disc Brake 28"/700 C road front wheel

très belle roue .800g ce n'est pas léger , mais cette roue est esthétique t très efficace .