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Xentis MARK 3 Carbon Wheelset 28“/700C Clincher – Rim Brake

Código de producto: 228716101

¡Stock bajo!

The race against time in a triathlon or time trial represents the premier class of road cycling! Similar to the Formula 1 in motorsports, the merciles... más detalles

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The race against time in a triathlon or time trial represents the premier class of road cycling! Similar to the Formula 1 in motorsports, the merciless requirements of time trialling make the manufacturers develop even better technical solutions.

In this high-performance class, XeNTiS especially stand out for their MARK 3 carbon wheels. The triathlon flagship of the Austrian carbon fibre specialist is 100% produced using the One-Shot-Hollow Technology (OSH) and stands out for a high-quality rim, five aggressive and aerodynamic spokes and an exceptional hub housing. Thus, the Monocoque wheel allows the compensation of high loads and guarantees unchanged directional stability even after high mileage.
The handmade rim body consists of more than 20 different UHM and HS carbon fibre layers that are impregnated with high-performance epoxy resin. This helps the XeNTiS MARK 3 achieve excellent stiffness values, while making for an especially aerodynamic design. During the development process, advanced CFD simulations and FE analyses were used to reduce aerodynamic drag to a minimum.

Yet, anything that moves fast must be slowed down sometime...
For this, the Austrians use their own XeNTiS Brake Performance Technology (XBP) for rim brakes. In this process, the surface of the rim flanges undergoes a special treatment to guarantee maximum braking performance in wet and dry conditions. In addition, the specially finished braking surface isn’t subject to wear and not only compatible with XeNTiS brake pads, but also with standard brake blocks.

Last but not least, the aerodynamic MARK 3 folding tyre wheelset is tubeless ready. Thanks to a special rim base geometry, the tyre is precisely positioned against the rim flange which ensures increased puncture resistance and significantly higher comfort.

• Handmade in Austria
• One-piece Monocoque carbon wheel in an elegant 5-spoke design
• XeNTiS Brake Performance Technology for maximum braking power
• UV-resistant thanks to clear surface coating
• Guaranteed traceability of origin and production processes thanks to built-in RFiD chip
• Built-in speed magnet for perfect balance
• XeNTiS Tubeless Ready System

• Rim type: clincher
• Rim material: 3K carbon
• Rim width/depth: 26 mm/ 42 mm
• For Presta valve

• Spoke type: fully integrated 3K carbon spokes (5 pieces)
• Spoke nipples: none
• Lacing: radial (Monocoque design)

• Front hub: XeNTiS XH002, 2 sealed cartridge bearings
• Rear hub: XeNTiS XH003, 4 sealed cartridge bearings, 3-pawl system (12° engagement (30T))
• For rim brakes

• Compatible with 9/10/11 speed Shimano/SRAM
• Front axle: 5 x 100 mm
• Rear axle: 5 x 130 mm

• Recommended tyre widths: 22 mm - 26 mm
• Max. system weight: 120 kg (cyclist, bike, gear and luggage)

• ETRTO: 622 x 18 C
• Weight: approx. 1698 g (set); approx. 897 g (rear wheel); approx. 801 g (front wheel)

Note: Max. tyre pressure:
• 22 mm width: 9.0 bar (130 psi)
• 23 mm width: 8.8 bar (127 psi)
• 25 mm width: 7.5 bar (108 psi)
• 26 mm width: 7.0 bar (101 psi)

In the box:
• XeNTiS MARK 3 Carbon wheelset including front and rear wheel
• XeNTiS quick release skewers
• XeNTiS rim tape
• XeNTiS wheel bags

Material: carbono:
Tubeless ready:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
5 x 100 mm, 5 x 130 mm
Freehub body:
Shimano/compatible with Shimano/SRAM
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The specially finished rim flange guarantees maximum braking performance in wet and dry conditions. This protects the braking surface from wear and apart from XeNTiS brake pads you can also use traditional brake pads.
XeNTiS wheels are 100% handmade in Austria.They are fitted with an RFID chip to guarantee traceability of their origin and all production processes.
Thanks to a transparent surface finish, all XeNTiS wheels are resistant to UV rays.
XeNTiS wheels are balanced and come with a built-in speed magnet (both front and rear wheel. No speed magnet in RACE 2.5 and SL 2.5 models).
Thanks to the TUBELESS READY system, all XeNTiS clincher wheels are tubeless ready. The special geometry of the rim base makes sure the tyre fits perfectly over the rim flange. The use of this system significantly increases puncture resistance and comfort.