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ESI Grips XXL 8.75“ Chunky Silicone Grips

Código de producto: 229216401

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Very lightweight, non-slip, ultra-comfortable and extremely stylish – the silicone grips by ESI Grips break with the usual mounting standard of modern lock-on grips and impress with high performance!

The round XXL 8.75“ Chunky Silicone Grips are designed for all those with the motto: “the bigger the better”. This silicone foam grip version is approx. 220 mm long and the medium sized model in ESI’s line up with a diameter of Ø 32 mm, which provides great shock absorbency. The grips absorb vibrations and dampen bumps very well to relieve your hands and forearms on long-distance rides.

• More than 60% longer than the standard version (product code: 2292096).
• Round grip shape
• No twisting
• For very good vibration and shock absorbency
• Very good grip (even in rain and wet conditions)
• Latex-free
• May be cut down

Suitable for:
• Touring bikes
• Road bikes with drop bars
• Fixies
• Scooters
• Indoor cycles
• Strollers
and much more...

The XXL 8.75“ Chunky Grips are the medium sized version of the round ESI grips (Ø 32 mm). If you prefer more grip thickness, you should go for the thick ESI XXL 8.75“ Extra Chunky silicone grips (Ø 34 mm, product code: 2292147).

• Material: silicone
• Slip-on grips
• Length: approx. 220 mm
• Diameter: approx. 32 mm Ø (Chunky)
• Weight: approx. 96 g

Available in:
• black
• red
• grey
• white
• green
• blue
• yellow
• orange
• aqua
Please make your choice.

In the box:
• 1x pair of ESI XXL 8.75“ Chunky handlebar grips
• 1x pair of ESI end caps

Mounting instructions:
ESI silicone grips are slip on the bar. Please clean your handlebar for easy installation and fit the bar end plugs before slipping on the grips. Apply some rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) or any other appropriate agent (e.g. window cleaner) to the bar and the inside of the grip and slip it on with some pressure. Let the grips dry for 24 hours.

Colours may vary from screen to screen. The black of ESI Grips is a dark charcoal grey.


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