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ergotec High Crab 2 Ahead stem

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As a stable, yet relatively lightweight connection element between fork steerer and bicycle handlebar, the solid High Crab 2 by Ergotec has a fixed place among straightforward stems with rigid angle. The 35° angle of the 3D forged aluminium body can – in relation to the frame geometry and the selected radius version – help create an upright to moderate sitting position. The 4-screw handlebar clamping allows for easy mounting without dismounting the handlebar attachment parts. Shape, colour design and surface finish of the High Crab 2 make a discreet contribution to the look of your bike.

· Ahead stem angle: 35°
· Radius: optionally 70/90/110/165/180 mm
· Steerer clamping Ø: 28,6 mm
· Handlebar clamping Ø: 31,8 mm
· Clamping height: 45 mm / 50 mm (165/180 mm)
· Approved total weight: 140 kg
· Ergotec Safety level 4*
· Recommended for hybrid bikes, city bikes and e-bikes up to 25 km/h

· Material: Aluminium 6061 T6
· Weight approx.: 137 g (70 mm), 145 g (90 mm), 165 g (110 mm), 230 g (165 mm), 240 g (180 mm)

* The product classification of the ergotec Safety Level complies with the DIN EN ISO 4210 standard for bikes and DIN EN 15194 for e-bikes. The ergotec Safety Level is always valid for the entire steering system. If stem and handlebar have different Safety Level, the lower level is indicated for the entire system.

Not recommended for use on forks with a carbon steerer or for mountain bikes and and other two-wheelers that are subject to extreme stresses – risk of breaking!

Manufacturer’s ref. 40104001 (70 mm), 40116101 (90 mm), 40117101 (110 mm), 40117301 (165 mm), 40117401 (180 mm)


Manufacturer`s ref.:
Handlebar clamp in mm:
Ø 31,8 mm
Steerer tube clamp:
1 1/8"
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High Crab 2 Ahead stem


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High Crab 2 Ahead stem