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Polar M200 GPS running watch

Código de producto: 225626801

  • Color:  schwarz

RRP 149,95 112,95

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Find the joy of running! With the Polar M200 GPS sports watch, running will be more fun than ever before, because this watch was specially developed for runners. It is waterproof and comes with easy-to-use wrist-based heart rate measurement, the advantages integrated GPS and 24/7 activity tracking. The built-in GPS reliably tracks your speed as well as the distance covered and your current height.
The M200 measures your daily activity, the duration and quality of your sleep as well as calories 24/7 and supports you to reach your individual target. Support is provided among others by Polar running programmes and the Running Index. Heart rate based training is considered one of the most effective methods to train. Measure your heart rate at the wrist with the special method developed by Polar and directly see your current heart rate zone. While running, fun training displays bring a little extra kick to your training: Compare your current speed with the world record or check what your Cooper test result would be with your current pace.
Fun has many colours: Thanks to the optionally available colourful, especially soft replacement straps (item no.: 2256273), you can adapt the M200 to your mood, outfit or your favourite colour.

Features of the sports watch:
• Weight: approx. 40 g
• Thickness: 12 mm
• Display size: FSTN display (display range: 26 mm with 1342 pixels)
• Display backlight
• Waterproof (suitable for swimming)
• Memory capacity: 4MB flash memory – corresponds to up to 30 hours of training with GPS and heart rate
• Rechargeable 180 mAh Li-Pol battery (via micro USB and integrated, fold-out USB plug)
• Battery life: up to 6 days (with activity tracking, 1 hour of training per day and visual heart rate measurement)
• Integrated GPS receiver

Smart Coaching features:
• Activity Benefit: Get a feedback anytime via smartphone or web
• Training benefit: Learn which effect your training had and get a quick overview of all training relevant data
• Smart Calories: Calculates the number of calories burned based on your individual data, such as weight, height, age, gender or intensity of your training/activity
• Running Index: Gives you information about changes in your running performance, depending on heart rate and speed
• Running program: Create your personal Polar Flow training plan for one of four different aims (5 km, 10 km, half marathon, marathon)

Activity features:
• 24/7 Tracking: The M200 tracks your daily activity in five levels, the number of your steps, your calories burned and your sleep time.
• Activity Guide: Proposes a daily activity target and how you can achieve it. Moreover, you can see how active you have been during the day.
• Active Time: Includes the cumulative time you spend on the move in different activity levels (detailed information can be recalled in the Polar Flow app and in the Polar web service)
• Step and distance counter: Your daily steps are registered in saved in the diary view so that you can compare yourself
• Activity Summary: Stores all your daily physical activity (detailed information can be recalled in the Polar Flow app and in the Polar Flow web service)
• Inactivity alerts invite you to move about when you have been inactive for a longer time
• Activity Benefit: Tracks your daily training decisions and shows the effect they had on your body. You can recall your progress anytime in the Polar Flow app or the Polar web service.
• Judgement of the duration and quality of your sleep: Tracks your sleep time automatically when you lie down and your movements become slower. By using comparisons, the Polar Flow web service or the Polar Flow app informs you about your sleeping patterns and how they are affected by changes in your daily life.

Training features:
• Running program: Create your personal Polar Flow training plan for one of four different aims (5 km, 10 km, half marathon, marathon)
• Wrist-based heart rate measurement: Optical sensors integrated in the wristband measure your heart rate and offer guidance on how to train at the right intensity
• Heart rate measurement: Display of your heart rate in beats per minute (S/min), as percentage (%) or as percentage of your maximum heart rate (% HFmax)
• Heart rate zones: Your heart rate in divided into 5 zones, so that you can always see which zone you are training in, for example to improve your stamina
• Speed/pace zones: Determine the intensity of your training and monitor your performances
• ZonePointer: A moving symbol in zone display shows you whether you are inside the desired target zone
• Display of training or interim distance (in km or miles)
• Display of current height, ascent or descent through GPS measurement
• Individually adjustable training units (via Polar Flow App)
• Fun running displays (e.g. comparison of your current speed with the world record speed for a marathon) can be enabled/disabled as desired
• Speed/Pace: Recall your current / average or maximum speed during the training and set your individual target
• Training targets: Create your individual training on Polar Flow and upload it to your watch. During the training, you simply follow the instructions.
• Store your training history
• Lap times (automatic or manual recording)

GPS features:
• Distance (in km or miles): Display of interim distance or training distance
• Speed/pace

Polar Flow features:
• Diary: Allows you to follow your training, your activities and progress (in a daily, monthly or weekly view)
• Running Index analysis: Shows how your running performance is developing and predicts your finish times for 5 km, 10 km, half marathon or marathon
• Map view of your training route in the Polar Flow web service
• Create a video with the highlights of your training route and share it with friends in the Polar Flow Community
• Discover training units with public access of other users
• Social Feed: Share your own results, follow and comment training units or activities of other community participants
• Immediate activity and training analysis: visual summary of your training in daily, weekly or monthly view
• Extended activity and training analysis: analyse every detail of your training as well as your physical activities
• T Training planning: Set detailed calorie, time or distance based training targets; save and analyze them in your training diary
• Sport profiles: Add your sports and select specific settings from over 100 sport profiles
• Progress: Display of reports and graphics about your weekly, monthly or yearly successes

Connectivity features:
• USB cable for data sync with PC or Mac (necessary for firmware updates via Polar Flow web service)
• Bluetooth Smart with the smartphone or with the Polar sensors (Polar Bluetooth Smart pedaling cadence sensor (item no. 2025997), Polar Bluetooth Smart speed and pedaling cadence transmitter (item no. 2025988))
• Polar Flow web service compatible with Polar Flow web service from Mac OS X 10.6 or higher or Windows XP or higher
• Compatible with Polar Flow smartphone app (via Bluetooth Smart)
• Compatible with the Polar Flow web service
• Manual data export from apps to third-party providers as TCX-GPX and CSV files
• Import of the training history from polarpersonaltrainer.com to Polar Flow web service
• Exchange of training and activity data with fitness apps such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, Apple Health Hit, Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness

Other features:
• 16 languages (German, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Turkish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Finnish, Polish, Russian and Indonesian)
• With the free Polar Flow app you can transmit your data to a Bluetooth Smart Ready mobile phone and analyze it
• Via USB cable you can synchronize data with your PC or Mac (free via Polar Flow web service)
• Smart Notifications: vibration and acoustic alarm for incoming calls, text messages or push notifications (min. Android version 5.0 required)
• Date and weekday indicator
• Time of day (12/24 h)
• Alarm function

Including: Polar M200 GPS running watch as well as USB charging / data sync cable


Compatible with ANT+:
Smart Notifications:
24/7 fitness tracker:
Cycling features:
Swimming features:
Heart rate measurement at the wrist:
Heart rate measurement with chest strap:
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M200 GPS running watch


na twee maanden gebruik kan ik het horloge niet meer opladen via de usb kabel. Dezen gaat retour Rose.

M200 GPS running watch


Gute GPS Lauf- und Raduhr mit kleineren Detailschwächen.

Nach 3-wöchiger, intensiver Nutzung der Polar M200 GPS Laufuhr kann ich meine Erfahrungen wie folgt festhalten:

Verarbeitung, Erststart und Synchronisierung:
Sehr gut, die Uhr trägt sich angenehm und unauffällig, auch Nachts, sitzt gut am Handgelenk und stört nicht. Die beiden Bedientasten lassen sich gut drücken, das Herauslösen der Uhr für den Ladevorgang ist einfach. Insgesamt passt hier alles. Der Erststart und die Synchronisierung mit dem Tablet waren unproblematisch und intuitiv, nur das 20-minütige Update etwas lange. Das tägliche Übertragen der Daten funktioniert ohne Probleme!

Die GPS-Messung klappte bislang immer prima und sehr zuverlässig. Die Uhr findet das GPS-Signal sehr schnell und hält den Kontakt zuverlässig. Die gemessene Wegstrecke passt beim Radfahren sehr gut. Beim Laufen sicher auch, aber dafür müsste noch einmal ein Abgleich auf der Bahn erfolgen.

Im Gegensatz zur GPS-Messung ist diese oft stark fehlerbehaftet. Im Vergleich zu einer Pulsuhr mit Brustgurt weicht die Pulsmessung am Handgelenk oftmals stark ab. Bislang konnte ich hier noch keine optimale Position der Uhr am Handgelenk herausfinden, an der die Pulsmessung immer einwandfrei funktioniert. Die Genauigkeit der Pulsmessung scheint hier auch deutlich vom Fahrtwind und der Hautfeuchte abzuhängen und variiert während einer Trainingseinheit schon sehr stark.

Ein weiterer Schwachpunkt ist aus meiner Sicht das Display, das nur die Hälfte der gesamten Uhr ausmacht und daher insbesondere im Gelände oder beim Laufen etwas zu klein ist, um wirklich gut abgelesen werden zu können. Hier wäre es schön gewesen, wenn das Display etwas größer wäre, was vermutlich aber wieder negative Auswirkungen auf die Akkulaufzeit hätte...

Im Normalbetrieb ohne GPS-Messung gut mit GPS-Messung reicht der Akku für rund 4 Stunden. Für mich ausreichend, bei anderen ist dies sicherlich nicht ausreichend! Tägliches Laden nach dem Training ist also unabdingbar!

Einfach und intuitiv. Da die Menüs konfigurierbar sind und nie zu viel gleichzeitig angezeigt wird, sollte hier jeder glücklich werden.

Polar Flow Software:
Sehr positiv - übersichtlich mit vielen Auswertemöglichkeiten, so dass man sein tägliches Training gut analysieren kann. Da Aktivitätszeiten, Kalorienverbrauch und gezählte Schritte für mich wenig interessant sind, kann ich zu diesen Größen im Verglich wenig sagen.

Insgesamt eine gute Rad- und Laufuhr für das tägliche Training. Für eine präzise Pulsmessung unter allen Trainingsbedingungen sollte allerdings ein passender Brustgurt an die Uhr gekoppelt werden!