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Zoggs Predator Swimming Goggles

Código de producto: 227964301

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The soft Ultra-Fit seals of Zoggs’ Predator swimming goggles fit perfectly around the eye socket thanks to a contoured fit – for excellent comfort. Swimming goggles should be ergonomic, water-tight and comfortable to wear. At that, they should offer reliable anti-fog protection and excellent vision during training and competitions. Therefore, the goggles combine a robust bio-tech frame with wide silicone seals, curved lenses, a flexible nose bridge and an easily adjustable double strap headband. This significantly reduces pressure around the eye socket. Besides, pressure may be adjusted by changing the length of the wide split silicone strap. For an extremely comfortable feeling – as if you wouldn’t wear goggles at all. Yet, a perfect fit and field of vision are just one side of a perfect swimming goggle which can also show its strengths in UV protection and brightness filter.

Therefore, you can choose between different lens versions for your swimming goggles depending on the light conditions when swimming indoors, outdoors or in open water. While the Zoggs Predator goggles with clear lenses provide clear vision in low light when training indoors or under grey sky, the tinted lenses reduce excess brightness in intensive light and eliminate light reflections on the water. They guarantee best vision without fatigue in all light conditions for focused swimming. Smoked lenses offer medium glare protection in bright light and provide a natural perception of colour and contrast. Blue tinted lenses convince with similar characteristics and ensure clear vision and good sun protection when swimming indoors and outdoors.

• All-round goggles with different lens versions for indoor and outdoor swimming
• Tinted lenses reduce glare in bright light conditions
• Around 15 per cent lighter than previous models
• Ultra Fit with soft silicone seals
• Robust Wiro Frame with Bio-Tech technology
• Flexible nose bridge
• Curved Lens Technologie (CLT) with undistorted 180° peripheral vision thanks to curved lenses
• Fogbuster anti-fog coating
• UV 400 protection blocks 99-100% of harmful UV rays
• Pulley system with easily adjustable double band strap
• Approved by the International Swimming Federation FINA

• Frame: plastic
• Seals/nose bridge/headband: silicone
• Lens: plastic (cellulose propionate)
• Head strap: silicone


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