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uvex sportstyle 812 sunglasses

Código de producto: 228042001

RRP 89,95 € 76,95

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The sportstyle 812 sunglasses by uvex offer a panoramic view during sports, thanks to their CURVE 10 lenses. Besides the wider field of view, the optical curve also offers more protection from UV rays and draughts.

• 100% protection from UV-A-, UV-B- and UV-C rays
• VARIOMATIC – automatic lens tinting
• CURVE 10 – lenses for a panoramic view
• For models with litemirror lenses: mirrored LITEMIRROR lens coating
• SUPRAVISION – antiFog coating
• DIRECT LENS VENTILATION – always best view thanks to clever ventilation
• Formable SOFT EARPIECES & SOFT NOSE PADS – for a perfect hold
• EASY TO CLEAN – always a clear view

Model information:
Frame colour: blue mat
Lens colour: mirror blue (protection level 3)

Frame colour: white mat
Lens colour: mirror red (protection level 3)

Frame colour: black mat
Lens colour: litemirror silver (protection level 3)

VARIOMATIC – lens technology
The specially developed lenses automatically react to the light conditions. The photochromic lenses smoothly change their level of shade in response to the prevailing light conditions. Of course, all UVEX glasses offer 100% protection from UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays.

CURVE 10 – lenses for a panoramic view
The lenses offer 10 mm more curvature compared to standard flat lenses. This allows for a wider field of view, protects from draught and prevents the eyelashes from touching the lenses

LITEMIRROR - extra protection thanks to mirrored lenses
A lens coating consisting of up to 18 layers that offers additional protection from infrared rays. Those are reflected and thus kept away from the eyes.

SUPRAVISION - the ultimate antiFog coating: always a fog-free view
Always a fog-free view thanks to a special surface treatment without affecting the optical quality of the lens.

DIRECT LENS VENTILATION – always best view thanks to clever ventilation
The specially developed technology allows for permanent ventilation for a lasting fog-free view while also protecting the eyes from draught.

As the UVEX lenses are made from robust polycarbonate, they even easily withstand temperatures of up to -40°C without losing mechanical strength. A special coating of the non-mirrored lenses makes them absolutely scratchproof without affecting the view.

SOFT EARPIECES & SOFT NOSE PADS – for a perfect hold:
Thanks to the use of soft nose pads and soft earpieces, UVEX glasses offer pressure-free comfort. Most models come with soft earpieces that can even be formed when cold so that you can individually adapt the glasses to your needs.

EASY TO CLEAN – always a clear view:
A special surface coating not only allows for an easy cleaning of the lenses, but also counteracts static electricity so that dust and dirt are not attracted.


Manufacturer`s ref.:
Lens tint:
Tinted, Mirrored
Half rim
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sportstyle 812 sunglasses

black mat/lite mirror silver