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Tacx NEO 2T T2875 Smart Trainer

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It’s hard to make something great even better –
and the NEO Series trainers by Tacx have always been great. However, with the NEO 2T Smart T2875, the developers of the Dutch indoor training specialist managed to further optimise the iconic, progressive and popular smart trainer.

It’s hard to believe but true... newly designed magnets inside the NEO 2T trainer by Tacx allow for significantly smoother running. Any noise generated from internal air displacement is greatly reduced, as are vibrations that transfer to the floor at low cadence. The result is a smart trainer that is quieter than ever.

In addition, the new motor design of the NEO 2T improves ride feel on climbs or during acceleration. The direct drive of the turbo trainer is even more powerful, which allows for higher resistance levels under certain conditions – especially during sprints or at low speed. At that, the trainer is incredibly responsive and immediately reacts to changing speed or gradient. Thanks to dynamic inertia, it compensates for weight, speed and angle of inclination for a realistic ride.
Modern electronics with a fast chipset precisely control the brake and offer the basis for reliable, consistent power measurement. The system measures your power within 1% accuracy for extremely reliable performance data.
Apart from precise measurement of speed, cadence and power though, the Tacx Neo 2T Smart offers capacitive sensors to separately measure your left and right pedal stroke. By adding ANT+ connectivity and cycling dynamics, you are now able to analyse your pedal stroke via third party software.

The rear axle of the NEO 2T is designed to make it compatible with more bikes – without the need for adapters. It is directly compatible with all bikes, so you’ll only need an additional adapter for 135x10 mm and 135x12 mm.

Once paired, you can use all functions of Tacx apps, the cloud website or your favourite third-party applications. With videos and GPS trainings, alone or with friends. Coloured LED floor spots indicate your power, connection indicator LEDs indicate if the trainer is powered and connected with a device via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart (BLE). Create training plans, analyse your data and export your activities to Strava. You can also use your favourite apps like Zwift or TrainerRoad to ride virtual races or document your goals.
Of course, you can also train without an external power source. Like the Tacx Bushido Smart trainer, it comes with a permanent motor and electronics that are set to generate energy from your cycling movement, enabling the trainer to communicate with apps and control the resistance unit. It features all smart functions (except descent simulation) as long as you keep cycling.
To update the firmware of your Neo 2T Smart and use the latest features, you can visit the Tacx cloud website.

• PEDAL STROKE ANALYSIS: Independently measures the power of your left and your right leg. This helps you to reduce muscle power deficits while improving your riding and pedalling technique.
(Please note: You can only use the pedal stroke analysis within the Tacx software in combination with the Windows 10 desktop app!)
• ROAD FEEL: Feel different road surfaces like cobblestones and gravel.
• ISOKINETIC AND ISOTONIC: Train with a constant speed or power level.
• CONNECTION INDICATORS: Intuitive LED lights indicated if you’re connected via ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and powered.
• NO CALIBRATION: The NEO 2T Smart is the only Tacx trainer that doesn’t need to be calibrated.
• FOLDABLE: A foldable frame allows for easy transport and storage.

• Type of trainer: interactive smart trainer with direct drive and motor brake
• Magnets: 32 neodymium magnets
• Electrical requirements: 110-240 volt (mains plug optional)
• Power indicator: multicoloured LED, spot on floor
• Connection indicator: 2 LEDs
• Firmware upgradable: Yes
• Compatible cassettes: SHIMANO and SRAM 8/9/10/11 speed (not included)
• Compatible axles: rear hub spacing Race 130 mm, MTB 135 mm, 142 mm and 148 mm (separate adapter required for 135 x 10 mm and 135 x 12 mm)

• Model: T2875
• Max. power (40 km/h) 2200 watts
• Max. incline: approx. 25%
• Simulation of descent: Yes
• Max. torque: approx. 85 Nm
• Max. braking power: approx. 250 N
• Flywheel: virtual
• Mass inertia: variable to 125 kg
• Power measurement accuracy: < 1%
• Calibration: no calibration required
• Footprint (L x W): approx. 575 x 750 mm (22.6 × 29.5 in)
• Height: approx. 550 mm (21.7 in)
• Dimensions when folded: approx. 620 x 260 x 440 mm (24.4 × 10.2 × 17.3 in)
• Weight: approx. 21.5 kg (47.3 lbs)

Data output & control:
• Wireless communication: ANT+ FE-C , Bluetooth Smart
• Control: smartphone, tablet, ANT+FE-C bike computer, stand alone link, computer via ANT+ antenna
• Output: speed, pedalling cadence, power
• Readout units: smartphone, tablet, bike computer, sports watch, computer with ANT+ antenna

In the box:
• 1x Tacx NEO 2T T2875 smart trainer
• 1x quick-release skewer for road and mountain bikes (5 mm)
• 1x direct drive quick release 142/148 x 12mm
• Mounting kit
• Power cord with mains adapter (Europlug)
• Front wheel support
• 1 month Tacx Premium software

Please click on the button below to get more information on compatibility and features of the Tacx software and Tacx cloud apps.

For Campagnolo cassettes, you’ll need a separate freehub body (see product code: 2272265).

Note: The trainer comes supplied with a Type C electrical plug (Europlug), so you might need an adapter. For a UK adapter, please see prod. code: 2152680.

Optional accessories:
• ANT+ dongle for synchronisation with external system devices, no integrated ANT+ radio technology (product code: 2268039)
• Tacx T2915 training mat protects the floor from damages and sweat (product code: 2255128)
• Tacx T1994 Bluetooth/ANT+ chest strap for information on your heart rate (product code: 2054023)
• Tacx T2935 sweat set including the T2931 sweat cover (product code: 2187057) with a separate smartphone compartment and a high-quality Tacx T2940 towel (product code: 2280657)
• Tacx tablet holder T2092 (product code: 2005692) or Tacx T2098 tablet stand (product code: 2054014) to position your tablet where you need it.


Compatible with ANT+:
Mechanical control:
Wireless control:
Magnetic resistance:
Fluid resistance:
Motor brake:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
Without brake resistance system:
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NEO 2T T2875 Smart Trainer


Für alle Gut-Wetter-Fahrer wärmstens zu empfehlen. Der Tacx Neo 2T ist super schnell aufgebaut, und ganz klar easy to use. Meine Garmin hat sofort alle Sensoren gefunden und gekoppelt. Für Zwift gilt das gleiche. Funktioniert super über bluetooth und/oder ANT+. Sehr leise wie ich finde und ist mit der klassischen Rolle nicht zu vergleichen. Versand lief auch super. Hat sogar in die Packstation gepasst. (-;