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ONLY HOT Toe warmers

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The ONLY HOT toe warmers will make cold feet a thing of the past. When riding your bike on cold days, the toe warmers will offer you pleasantly warm feet. Simply tear the pack open, stick the pad on your socks and enjoy the warmth for around 6 hours. Perfect for cold days!

• 1 pair of disposable toe warmers against cold feet
• Simply stick on the socks
• Extremely thin
• Comfortable
• Safe for allergic people
• Odourless
• 100% natural ingredients
• Also fit women's shoes
• One size
• Instructions for use: Simply tear the pack open and stick the pad on your socks. As soon as the iron contained in the warmer is exposed to oxygen, it begins to oxidize and produces heat.

Note: Avoid direct skin contact.

Manufacturer's ref.: 1001

Dimensions: approx. 140 x 100 x 6 mm
Maximum temperature: approx. 40°C
Average temperature: approx. 38°C
Duration of effect: 9+ hours

Tip: If you do not need your warmer after e.g. 2 hours of use, the remaining hours can be used at a later time. Simply put the warmer into an airtight zip bag and close it properly. As soon as the warmer is taken out of this bag, it again begins to oxidize and produces heat.

ROSE recommends ordering the shoes one size up.


Manufacturer`s ref.:
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Toe warmers

one size

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