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MaXalami BASIC repair set for tubeless tyres

Código de producto: 225668801

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The "Meisterwurst". MTB marathon rider Max Friedrich has found a solution with his MaXalami tubeless plugs to seal larger holes in your tubeless tyres, too. You can seal cuts of up to 10 mm with them without requiring further tools. You don't even have to remove the wheel. You will be on the road again in no time to continue your race. The MaXalami can be cut to size and is inserted into the tyre using a suitable tool. Just inflate the tyre and the puncture is repaired, off you go!

· Plug set to repair tubeless tyres
· Seals holes or cuts of up to 10 mm
· 5x plugs MaXalami, size: L: approx. 10 cm / W: approx. 3,5 mm
· Incl. insertion tool
· Fast and effective inflation can be achieved with a CO2 pump (e.g. Xtreme air Coach light CO2 pump item no.: 1147371)
· Usage: Thread in the MaXalami into the insertion tool, insert the tip of the tool into the hole, push through and stop just before the end of the plug. Remove the tool carefully, while holding the plug in place.


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BASIC repair set for tubeless tyres


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