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Rock Shox
...in the field of competitive cycling

The company Rock Shox stands for cycle parts with first-class properties that are sophisticated and tested by world champions. The high quality standard enables optimal handling that benefits more than just amateur cyclists. With high-performance products for competition cycling, including bicycle shock absorbers, bicycle forks (such as forks for mountain bikes / trekking forks) and associated accessories, RockShox offers the right conditions for optimum bike handling.

Rock Shox...in the field of competitive road cycling – parts that are tested by world champions  
Founded in North Carolina in 1989, Rock Shox was not initially a company with its roots in competition cycling. The company was run by Paul Turner and Steve Simons, both of whom grew up with motocross and belonged to a motocross team. Paul Turner enriched the team as a mechanic and Steve Simons as a professional motocross rider. From the experience that he had acquired back then, Simons later designed shock absorbers for his own company Simons Inc. and in 1989, he joined Turner and Simons in order to develop a suspension fork for mountain bikes. The success of this development was confirmed with Greg Herbold, who became the first world champion in downhill using a Rock Shox suspension fork. The win justified the production of the first 100 forks for MTBs and the RS-1 was born.