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Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 GPS Action C Camera

Código de producto: 225412601

RRP 429,99 348,90

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más 2,95 € de envío a España

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The first-class VIRB 30 action camera ensures pin-sharp images of your outdoor activities in a quality of up to 4K Ultra HD. A 3-axle image stabilization always ensures a smooth and steady video in any terrain. To start and stop recording, it is no longer necessary to take your hands off the handlebar, as the action cam is voice-controlled. The highly sensitive microphone ensures a clear sound. The included housing makes the Garmin VIRB Ultra 30 waterproof up to a depth of 40 metres.
The free VIRB app allows you to transfer your video live on a smartphone display or, when having an iPhone, to share your experiences with other people in real time in a live stream via YouTube. The free editing software VIRB Edit and the VIRB app help you to cut your videos, add transitions and e.g. choose the right music in a simple way.
The G-Metric features additionally offers interesting data such as speed, acceleration and occuring G forces. Together with the coordinates that are precisely tracked by the sensitive GPS, you can integrate all those data as data fields and graphics into your videos. Thus, you will always know how far, how high or how fast you have gone. Thanks to the bright and clearly structured LCD colour touchscreen and a simple menu structure, you can quickly adjust the camera to your needs, even when it is in the waterproof housing.

Basic features:

· G-Metrix: An integrated GPS receiver and several sensors track your current speed, acceleration and G-forces as well as much more
· ProMode feature for additional adjustments like white balance, colour profile, ISO etc.
· Voice control and One-Touch operation
· Compatible with optionally available ANT+ sensors, e.g. cadence, heart rate or powermeters
· Live streaming of camera video via the integrated SmartReadyWLAN interface (802.11 bgn) on smartphones with installed VIRB Mobile app
· Remote control via compatible Garmin devices (via ANT+) and the VIRB Mobile App (free for iOS, Android & Windows Mobile)
· Video loop mode
· Automatic video synchronisation of several VIRB cameras
· Delayed-action shutter release

Features of the VIRB Mobile App:
· Live control of the VIRB Ultra 30 via compatible smartphones and tablets (Wi-Fi)
· Streaming of live videos via YouTube (only with compatible Apple devices: iPhone, iPad from iOS 9 and Wi-Fi connection)
· Integration of the recorded sensor data (G-Metrix)
· Numerous editing options such as cutting and joining clips and adding music or adjusting speed and volume
· Interfaces to YouTube and SocialMedia
· Tracking of a lost camera (VIRB Tracking)
· Free download from GooglePlay Store or AppStore

Features of the VIRB Edit software:
· Integration of the recorded sensor data (G-Metrix)
· Numerous editing options such as cutting and joining clips and adding music or adjusting speed and volume
· Interfaces to YouTube and SocialMedia
· Synchronisation of several VIRB X and XE
· Free download on garmin.com

· Display size: approx. 1,75"/44,5 mm (LCD colour touchscreen, can also be used under water)
· Image sensor: 12 MP 1/2.3" Backside-Illuminated CMOS
· Sensor-based image stabilization (1080p/60fps)
· Lens distortion correction (LDC)
· File type video: *.mp4
· File type photo: *.jpeg
· File type GPS tracking: *.fit
· Video resolutions: 4K (30fps), 2,7K (60fps), 1080p (120fps), 720p (240fps), 480p (300fps)
· Slow motion HD: 1080p (120 fps), 720p (240 fps), 480p (300fps)
· Time lapse: 4K, 2,7K, 1440p, 1080p (30fps)
· Field of view settings: wide (wide-angle shot), zoom (2x), ultra-zoom (4x)
· Photo resolutions: 12 MP, 8 MP
· Continuous shooting with up to 60 fps
· Viewfinder - see what you are recording
· Playback – see what you have recorded
· Expansive view (extra-wide image field)
· Night shots
· GPS receiver (highly sensitive, measuring rate: 10 x/sec)
· Accelerometer and gyroscope
· Altimeter, compass
· Integrated microphone (can also be used under water)
· External microphone (connection via Bluetooth or a robust, optionally available audio cable)
· Memory: microSD card, class 10 or higher (up to 128 GB) – not included
· Interfaces: ANT+, WLAN (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth (for external microphone), Mini USB, Micro HDMI
· Replaceable lithium-ion battery (1250 mAh)
· Battery life: up to 2 hours for 1080p/30 fps, up to 1 hour for 4K/30 fps
· Waterproof: up to 40 m (when in the underwater housing)
· Remperature range: -15 to 45°C
· Dimensions: approx. 5,8 x 4,6 x 3,1 cm
· Weight: approx. 87,9 g (with battery, without underwater case)

Including: Virb Ultra 30 camera, lithium-ion battery, underwater case, charging/sync cable, 1x flat and 1x bent adhesive bracket with quick release, 1x standard adapter and 1x adapter with bent, 1x short extension and 1x long extension, 3x connection screws (tightens without tools or with a hex wrench), anti-fog kit and hex key

Manufacturer's ref.: 010-01529-04

Optional accessories:
· Garmin VIRB X/XE/Ultra30 helmet bracket (item no.: 2142513
· Garmin VIRB remote control (item no.: 2104850)
· Garmin VIRB/Edge road bike bracket for remote control (item no.: 2099123)
· Garmin VIRB/Edge mountain bike bracket for remote control (item no.: 2099071)
· Garmin VIRB AV cable, mini USB to cinch (item no.: 2099169)
· Garmin VIRB tripod mount (item no.: 2099080)
· Garmin VIRB head strap (item no.: 2099132)
· Garmin VIRB bicycle bracket (item no.: 2099150)

Compatible devices to control the VIRB:
· fenix® series
· epix™
· tactix®, tactix® Bravo
· quatix®, quatix® 3
· Edge® 520/810/820/Explore 820/1000/Explore 1000
· zumo® 390LM/395LM/590LM/595LM
· Oregon® 6xx series
· Montana® series
· Monterra®
· eTrex® 30x
· eTrex® Touch 25/35
· GPSMAP® 62s/62st/62sc/62stc, 78s/78sc, 64s/64st
· Alpha® 50/100
· Astro® 320
· D2™
· vivosmart®, vivosmart® HR, vivoactive®, vivoactive® HR
· Forerunner® 230/235/630/735XT/920XT

Compatible Garmin ANT+ sensors
Premium heart rate chest strap (item no.: 2098568)
HRM-Run heart rate chest strap (item no.: 2227504)
Speed and cadence sensor (item no.: 2098294)
Vektor powermeter (item no.: 2141499)
tempe temperature sensor (manufacturer's ref.: 010-11092-30)


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