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Floaterhoist BA1 ceiling bike lift

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If you want to have more space in your garage or cellar, the high-quality Floaterhoist BA1 ceiling-mounted bicycle hoist is the perfect solution to safely store your bicycle in a horizontal orientation against any ceiling – no matter if it’s an MTB, a touring bike, road bike or city cruiser. In a few simple steps, you can attach the three independently controlled rope and pulley systems to three points on your bicycle frame for more storage room on the ground. Pulleys ensure the force required to pull up the bike is low. As the ropes are safely locked when letting them go, they won’t allow the bike to drop. The lowest point on the bicycle (typically the end of the handlebar) will be no more than 580 mm (23”) from the ceiling surface.

· Robust ceiling-mounted lift system
· For horizontal storage of bicycles
· Attachment to concrete and beam ceilings
· Paint-friendly suspension with loops
· 3 pulling ropes with hooks above pulleys
· Low force required (ratio 2:1)
· Ropes can be used separately or together
· Hooks won’t get entangled
· Pulleys with rope locking
· Proven Clamcleat® rope cleats for locking
· Max. load: 25 kg
· Max. ceiling height: 3,0 m (due to length of the ropes)
· Material: coated aluminium / reinforced plastic
· Weight: approx. 5 kg

In the box:
· Floaterhoist BA1 ceiling bike lift
· Practical support bar for assembly
· Marking tape for ceiling beams
· 6x wood screws 5 x 60 mm and 6x plastic anchors

Tip: For a video see: https://youtu.be/TXpM1GeGrjo

Note: The minimum distance of the centre pulley to the walls should not be less than 100 cm and the distance to the ends of the rail should be at least 30 cm to avoid contact with the wall and to ensure a safe horizontal storage of the bicycle.


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