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Blackroll Mini Flow foam roller

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Who doesn't know the relaxing effect of a body massage. Now you can massage smaller body regions like arms, legs and feet on your own with the handy Blackroll Mini Flow. Thanks to the small size, you can even take it with you for use in the gym or office. Thus, you will always find time for a revitalising massage of your muscles. The double effective Mini Flow is a further development of the proven Blackroll Mini. With the two-way structured surface, the fasciae are stimulated according to the principle of active recovery. A gentle roll-out of the body regions helps you to relax your muscles and to boost circulation to hydrate the tissues. This relieves tension and myofascial pain. The intensive stimulation of the hard edge of the lightweight recovery tool accelerates the blood flow of the activated muscle or tissue, revitalizes and increases the flexibility of the fasciae. Therefore, the Blackroll Mini Flow is the perfect tool to warm up before sports. After sports, it helps to relieve your muscles and accelerate recovery.

· Foam roller for self-massage
· Handy format, thus practical for on the go
· Structured surface
· Gentle roll-out and active stimulation in one
· For use on the table, on the ground or at the wall
· Hydration of the fascia and boosting of circulation
· Targeted massage of e.g. feet, hands, arms
· Proven material quality
· Odourless and free from chemicals
· Easy to clean
· 100% recycable
· Made in Germany

· Size: approx. 15 x 8 cm
· Weight: approx. 18 g

· Blackroll Mini Flow foam roller

Pictures: © BLACKROLL / Sebastian Schöffel


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Mini Flow foam roller


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