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Blackroll Block Set

Código de producto: 227347201

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This block packs a punch. If you are looking for functional fascia tools for your training, the BLACKROLL block set will be your perfect training partner for targeted mobilization and regeneration of muscles. The combination of the BLACKROLL MINI foam roller and the 8 cm massage BALL is packed into the matching BLACKROLL BLOCK to save space. They are used for a targeted massage of individual muscles and parts of the body and for more effective stimulation.
Roll out your chest, hand, foot, arm or calf on the ground or wall to improve the elasticity of your muscles. The BLACKROLL block helps exert more pressure and reach even hard-to-reach body areas. Besides, it holds both training aids for self-massage after fascia training. Also ideal as a yoga block for support to find your balance in poses, or to relieve strain on your back during meditation.

· Combination of perfectly coordinated products for myofascial self-massage
· For spot-on relaxation of deep muscle groups
· For use on the table, ground or wall
· Extended application possibilities for small BLACKROLL tools
· Practical for on the go
· Made in Germany
· 100% recyclable and free of chemical propellants
· Odourless
· Not soluble in water
· Easy to clean and sterilize
· Dimensions: approx. 30 x 15 x 10 cm
· Weight: approx. 280 g

In the box:
· Blackroll Block, black (item no.: 2273471)
· Blackroll Mini foam roller, 145 x 8 cm Ø, green (item no.: 2266557)
· Blackroll Ball 08 ball, Ø 8 cm, pink (item no.: 2266554)

Tip: For a short video on how to use the BLACKROLL block see https://youtu.be/sVolnDnpNfU

Pictures: © BLACKROLL / Sebastian Schöffel


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