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AXA Fold folding lock

Código de producto: 226833001

RRP 59,95 desde 39,90

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más 9,95 € de envío a España

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The beautifully designed AXA folding lock Fold offers compact safety for your bike. Even though the folding lock is not too heavy to take it with you in your bag or backpack, it comes with a bracket for installation on the bottle cage mount or frame. As the locking cylinder features a dust cap, splashing water and dirt won't impair the functioning of the lock. No need to worry about stuck keys or a worn cylinder. The Fold survives any mud bath.
Once fitted to the matching bracket and mounted on the frame, the lock is integrated perfectly into your stylish bike frame. The robust folding lock can be removed with a flick of the wrist and locks into place securely. As the rubber-coated Axa Fold is quite long, it offers enough flexibility to secure your bike to street lights, trees and bike stands.

· 6 foldable links made of hardened steel
· Torsion-resistant joints
· Increased security level 9 (out of max. 15)
· Constructive measures against picking
· Cylinder with double dust protection
· Universal design of holder
· Installation on bottle cage mount or with mounting plates
· Lock can be removed from the top or front
· Rubberised protective coating
· Locks into place
· 2 symmetric keys
· International key service

Details 85 cm in length:
· Dimensions when folded: approx. 20 x 6 cm
· Width of bars: approx. 25 mm
· Material thickness: approx. 7 mm
· Weight: approx. 850 g

Details 100 cm in length:
· Dimensions when folded: approx. 22 x 6 cm
· Width of bars: approx. 25 mm
· Material thickness: approx. 7 mm
· Weight: approx. 950 g

· Axa Fold folding lock
· Universal holder
· 2x frame screws
· 2x flexible mounting brackets
· 2x keys


Key operated:
Code operated:
Security level: low:
Security level: medium:
Security level: high:
Smartphone operated:
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Fold folding lock


Gute Qualität, jedoch hohes Gewicht.

Fold folding lock


Much lighter than competitors (ABUS) locks of the same size, nice design. Of course no much knowledge yet about actual security level as I did not find any reviews or videos about resistance to cutting, breaking etc. But it looks worth the money for the declared security level by AXA.