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AXA DPI 110/9 plug-in chain

Código de producto: 226832901

RRP 42,95 € 29,95

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To make sure your bike stays where it is, you should put it on a chain. The AXA DPI 110/9 plug-in cable fulfils the highest Axa Safety Level 15, when used in combination with an AXA Fusion, Solid Plus or Defender frame lock. Chain links made from strong, 9 mm thick hardened steel not really turn the plug-in chain into a lightweight, yet into a very safe securing option for your beloved bike. The chain comes with a protective coating and can be inserted into the connector opening of the frame lock with its 10mm plug-in bolt. This creates a double theft protection that can be locked in one go. Double safety, which is hard to crack.
Connect your bike via chain loop with a fixed object, so that it cannot be carried away anymore. This is more secure than using just a frame-mounted lock for short-term parking. The plug-in cable is sufficiently long to also guide it through frame openings and to secure important bike components as well.

Compatible frame locks:
· AXA Fusion
· Axa Victory
· Axa Defender
· Axa Solid Plus

· For Axa locks with plug-in system
· Total length approx. 110 cm
· Plug-in bolt: Ø 10 mm
· Plug-in bolt and chain links made from hardened steel
· 9,0 mm thick chain links with protective polyester sleeve
· Safety level 15 out of 15*
· ART approved for bicycle insurances
· Weight: approx. 2,0 kg

*Please note: Maximum protection for high risk of theft in combination with an AXA Defender (item no. 2134985), AXA Fusion, Axa Victory (item no. 2083812) or AXA Solid Plus frame lock.

Manufacturer’s ref. 59561196SS


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DPI 110/9 plug-in chain


Erweiterung für das entsprechende AXA-Schloss, das ich inzwischen an vier Rädern habe. Die Kette habe ich nur drei mal, da eins der Räder nur in "sicheren Gegenden / Zeiten" genutzt wird. Sollte es anders sein kann man die Kette ja tauschen oder damit mehrere Räder gleichzeitig anschließen.
Noch ein Satz zur Sicherheit: Für den Gelegenheitsdieb dürfte diese Kette plus Schloss eine unüberwindbare Hürde darstellen. Für den Profi, denke ich, sind auch weitaus teurere Schlösser kein deutlich größeres Problem.

DPI 110/9 plug-in chain