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Arena Pull Kick Aquaboard

The 2-in-1 training device for the build-up of strength and the improvement of your swimming technique. Used as a pull buoy, it improves the position...

Color: grün

RRP 29,95 € 24,95 

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Aqua Sphere Vista goggles

The hydrodynamic shape of the Aqua Sphere Vista reduces the water resistance and the 180° field of vision allows a large panoramic view! These are jus...

Aqua Lung IDry Bag

The inflatable Aqua Lung IDry Bag is the answer to the question of where to put your clothes and valuables while swimming, snorkeling or stand-up padd...

Color: orange

RRP 19,95 € 16,90 

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Aqua Sphere Kaiman goggles

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman goggles are ideal for leisure swimming, training and competitions. Their hydrodynamic shape ensures very little water resistanc...

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MP K180 goggles

Their particularly wide range of vision makes the slim MP K180 goggles particularly interesting for ambitious swimmers. The 180° field of vision is co...

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Aqua Sphere Microfin HP short fins

The highly robust Microfin HP short fins by Aqua Sphere are ideal for your daily swim training. Their short blade offers high water resistance, making...

Color: blau/grau

RRP 29,95 € 19,90 

Blackroll Blackbox set

All Blackroll massage devices in a handy and low-priced set – for a wide range of exercises. Comes with a Blackroll Standard massage roll to roll out...

RRP 59,90 € 47,95 

AMEO Powerbreather Wave Edition training snorkel

Snorkel 2.0 – swimming will never be the same. The perfect sports tool for leisure use and top athletes. Thanks to the Fresh Air system only fresh air...

RRP 124,00 € 109,90 

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Aqua Sphere Kaiman EXO goggles

The Kaiman EXO swimming goggles by Aqua Sphere come with the EXO Core bi-material technology that makes the frame comfortable, easy to grip, light and...

Blackroll Loop Band rubber training band

You cannot imagine fitness, rehabilitation sports and therapies without multifunctional training bands today. Yet the Blackroll Loop Band is different...


Aqua Sphere Seal XP2 goggles

The Aqua Sphere Seal XP2 swimming goggles combine the excellent view and the outstanding comfort of the Seal mask with the anatomic profile and the hy...

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Aqua Sphere Kayenne goggles

Thanks to its Microshape Softframe technology, the Kayenne goggle by Aqua Sphere is ultra-light and has an extremely flat profile for minimal water re...

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Blackroll Standard fascia releazer

Blackroll's classic: The Blackroll Standard allows you to noticeably improve the elasticity and performance of your muscles and to speed up the regene...

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AMEO Powerbreather Lap Edition training snorkel

Snorkel 2.0 – swimming will never be the same. The perfect sports tool for leisure use and top athletes. Thanks to the Fresh Air system only fresh air...

RRP 99,00 € 89,90 

¡Mejor valorado!

Blackroll Ball massage ball

For a targeted treatment of individual body zones such as back muscles, neck or feet. The Blackroll Ball relaxes muscle tensions even in deeper laying...

Blackroll Mini fascia releazer

The Mini version of the proven Blackroll massage roll is your practical companion for on the go and ideal for the targeted massage of feet, arms, legs...

RRP 9,50 € desde7,95 

¡Stock bajo!

Arena Watergrip M bathing shoes for men

In the swimming pool or when taking a shower after sport, Arena’s light Watergrip bathing sandals offer a good grip. The sticky rubber in the centre o...

Color: blau/grau

RRP 24,95 € 14,95 

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Aqua Sphere Kaiman small goggles

The Aqua Sphere Kaiman small is designed to fit smaller faces. It has a very low water resistance and is ideal for leisure swimming, training and comp...

RRP 19,95 € 13,90 

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Blackroll Mini Flow foam roller

Who doesn't know the relaxing effect of a body massage. Now you can massage smaller body regions like arms, legs and feet on your own with the handy B...


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Aqua Sphere Microfibre Towel

The Aqua Sphere Towel is a sports and leisure towel made from highly absorbent microfibre. It dries you off quickly and can be reused immediately afte...

Color: blau


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