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Summer Rides

Summertime is holiday time! What you should absolutely take with you on holiday? Your bike! (Well, and your beloved of course).
Travelling with a bike must be well planned. How do I pack my bike for travel? Do I have to contact the airline before the flight to register my bike? Which car bike rack is the right one for me? To make sure you and your loyal road bike will enjoy the trip and stay relaxed until you’ve reached your destination, we will give you some tips on how to transport your bike best in the following.

How do I pack my bike for air travel?
You can choose from a huge range of different bike cases to make sure your road bike will safely arrive at your destination. On the one hand, there are soft cases available that offer light protection and are easy to stow away in your hotel room. On the other hand, you can choose a hard case or a flight case. These are reinforced cases that are especially designed for your bike. Some travel cases or bike cases also include a wheel bag to separately pack away sensitive wheels.

How do I properly transport my bike when travelling by car?

Gone are the days when you just packed your bike on the backseat of your car or in the trunk with the wheels removed. Not to think of transporting two bikes at once! Today, it is much easier to transport a bike, as there are good car bike racks available for any intended use. Practical and secure, also for several bikes – fitted and removed within seconds. Compact trunk and hitch racks are easy to install and extremely comfortable to load compared to classic roof rack solutions. No matter if you prefer a roof rack, a trunk rack or a tow bar mounted rack: A modern bicycle transport system reliably fixes your bike with holder arms and tensions straps, so that it is ready for use after arrival. With these tips you are ready to get going!

In this video, we’ll show you how easy it is to transport bikes with high-end bike racks by Thule:

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Thule ROUND TRIP Transition flight case

This hard shell premium bike case with integrated bike assembly stand makes travelling with your bike a child's play. Details: - The combination of r...

Color: black

RRP 699,95 € 549,95 

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ROSE BIKE BOX II flight case

The B&W BIKE BOX II flight case comes with a low weight, smooth running wheels and the exclusive ROSE design. Thanks to a large volume, the case holds...

Color: grey


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Well-designed transport bag with a number of practical details. The carrying handle can be combined perfectly with the shoulder carrying strap, so tha...

Color: black


B & W bike.guard curv bike case

– RoadBIKE 03/2015: very good – The bike.guard curv by B&W International is the ideal bike case for triathetes! The bike.guard curv flight case is a...

Color: black

RRP 799,00 € 739,95 

Thule Oferta: conjunto portabicicletas Thule Easyfold XT 933 + funda 931-1

Conjunto, que consta de 1x portabicicletas Thule Easyfold XT 933 para 2 bicicletas (código de producto 2255885) y 1 bolsa Thule 931-1 para enganche Ea...

RRP 755,90 € 539,95 

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Thule VeloSpace XT 3 bike rack

A pesar de que está especialmente desarrollado para bicicletas grandes y pesadas, como bicicletas eléctricas, fat bike y bicicletas de descenso, el en...

RRP 709,95 € 548,00