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What are the trends for the upcoming season? How do I find the perfect equipment for the high summer? Jennifer Meyermann, head of our ROSE BIKETOWN clothing sales team, answers our questions and presents her tips and tricks for summer!

Which cycling jerseys and shorts are the trend for 2018?
Jennifer: "Eye-catching, colourful jerseys made from soft and smooth fabrics are currently the trend. Wearing them with matching shorts or bib shorts is very popular, too. This season, large patterns and striking trend colours are particularly sought after. It's getting colourful! More and more women are wearing bib shorts now."

Which features should textiles for the high summer have? What should I pay attention to when buying them?
Jennifer: "With cycling clothes, it is not only the look that matters, but their technical features as well. On hot days particularly, high breathability is important to stay fit. Some manufacturers use the so-called Coldblack technology to achieve this. It minimises the heating-up of dark clothes through sunlight. Other manufacturers, such as Q36.5, use a special weaving structure to add light wind protection, while maintaining very high breathability."

It's too hot for a base layer in summer, isn't it?
Jennifer: "One could think so, yes. However, a technical base layer, made from light mesh fabrics for example, is recommendable in hot temperatures as well. Thanks to the technical material, excess heat and moisture is wicked off fast and constantly to the outside. This creates cooling by evaporation, which feels very pleasant to the skin. Just the right thing for summer! What's more, a technical base layer also protects you from getting cold during breaks."

How can I protect myself from UV rays?
Jennifer: "Dangerous UV rays in high summer can make you look old fast – in the true sense of the world. To protect yourself from premature skin aging and other risks, you should make sure that your summer clothing minimises or prevents UV rays from getting through to your skin. What's more, you should apply suitable sun cream with an appropriate sun protection factor in regular intervals during tours. This is well worth a short break. You can protect your eyes with high-quality sun glasses that filter UV-A, UV-B and UV-C rays. Self-tinting sports glasses are very popular. They adapt their colour depending on the light incidence and ensure thus that you have always got the right lens with you!"

What is your tip for training rides in summer?
Jennifer: "Even though you hardly think of it in summer – a light windproof gilet is a good choice on warm days as well. Cycling gilets with a small pack size and a low weight are especially popular. They can be stowed away quickly in your jersey pocket and are ready at hand when it gets cool on a descent or if you wish to block the headwind."




With the sporty PREMIUM COOL jersey by ROSE, you are perfectly prepared for summer. The special COLDBLACK technology significantly reduces the heating...

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Q36.5 Salopette Dottore L1 bib shorts

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ROSE PREMIUM bib shorts

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OAKLEY FIELD JACKET sports sunglasses

The FIELD JACKET sports glasses by OAKLEY are a great choice for all speed lovers. The "Advancer" nose bridge controls the air flow and thus provides...

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mawaii SunCare Outdoor sun protection

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