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XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ Group

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SRAM electrifies the XX1 Eagle™ MTB groupset and takes the group’s already high performance to the next level. Completely wireless and with a single push of a button, the Eagle™ AXS™ rear derailleur moves the chain from cog to cog on the 10-50 tooth cassette to switch between the 12 gears faster and more reliably than ever before. This alone is already impressive, but with the AXS™ app the electronic Eagle™ additionally offers you the possibility to customize the shifting modes. In addition, the software collects useful data like how many gear changes you’ve made or which sprockets are used most frequently. This helps you analyse your individual pedal efficiency better to e.g. choose a more effective chainring size.
Even though the technology of the XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ is that sophisticated, it offers easy and intuitive handling. After all, it was designed to meet the high requirements of ambitious cyclists for a great riding experience and not to flaunt high-tech parts – well... perhaps a bit.

• Ready to race – developed for cross country use
• Complete 1x12 Eagle™ AXS™ drivetrain system for best integration and maximum performance
• Part of SRAM’s AXS™ integration platform
• Unique design with futuristic AXS™ look
• No additional weight compared to the mechanical XX1 Eagle™ system

XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ Rear Derailleur

The Eagle AXS™ rear derailleur is more than just another rear derailleur with battery and motor – it is the pulsating heart of the entire drivetrain, the core of the AXS™ system. Once set up, it is even quieter and more precise than its mechanical counterpart when changing gears, which improves overall durability. Besides, the cage is 10mm shorter for more ground clearance and more chain wrap around the cassette. This allows for precise gear shifts – even under high load.
The Eagle AXS™ rear derailleur is even so intelligent that it protects itself from external influences with a powerful Overload Clutch. In case of an impact, the motor switches off within seconds to allow the rear derailleur to move freely and thus avoid a breakage. Afterwards, it will immediately return to its original position to get ready for your next shift command. This protects not only the motor but also the gear hanger and rear derailleur from damages in the best way possible.

• For electronic SRAM AXS™ 1x12 systems
• 10 mm more ground clearance of the derailleur cage
• Compatible with SRAM AXS™ for easy customisation
• Overload Clutch for best impact protection
• Type-3 Roller Bearing Clutch™ for increased chain tension and shifting precision as well as quieter gear changes
• X-Horizon™ design: reduces shifting forces and eliminates “ghost shifting”
• X-Sync™ pulleys for maximum chain control
• X-Actuation™ for precise and constant shifting over the entire 10-50-tooth cassette
• Cage Lock™: even faster rear wheel installation and removal
• Pulley wheels: 12 teeth (upper) and 14 teeth (lower)
• Maximum sprocket size: 50 teeth
• Minimum sprocket size: 10 teeth
• Material: forged aluminium, carbon, titanium
• Battery type: eTap® battery
• Weight: approx. 352 g (without battery)

Eagle™ AXS™ Shifter (Controller)

Gear cables and housings as well as all other types of cables are finally a thing of the past. The Eagle™ AXS™ shifter wirelessly connects your finger with the Eagle AXS™ rear derailleur. It rather looks like a controller for video games though. The gears are not changed by pulling a lever, but by pushing a button. This offers completely new possibilities with regards to ergonomics and allows for extremely low operating forces. The AXS™ app helps you adjust the controller to meet your individual needs and to customize the touch-points (e.g. for up- or downshifting). If you also have a RockShox Reverb AXS™ seatpost (product code: 2285278), there are even more possibilities for individual customization. The first touch will get the controller out of the energy saving mode.
Besides, the Eagle™ AXS™ controller features a “secret sprint paddle” on the front side of the controller that you can operate via your index knuckle when you’re out of the saddle and sprinting without having to change your hand position.

• Compatible with all SRAM AXS™ 12-speed rear derailleurs
• Compatible with SRAM AXS™ for easy customisation
• Compatible with MatchmakerX™
• Material: composite
• Battery type: CR 2032 (round cell battery)
• Incl. handlebar clamp (for handlebar Ø 22.2 mm)
• Weight: approx. 70 g (incl. battery)

XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ DUB™ Crankset BOOST / non BOOST

The SRAM XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ DUB™ crankset with specially laminated CARBON TUNED™ crank arms feels comfortable on rough rides. It combines excellent stiffness with a low weight and high strength. Thanks to a DirectMount chainring with the proven SRAM X-SYNC 2™ technology, it even holds the chain in position under extreme conditions. The teeth’s special geometry offers increased chain tension, while reducing wear, friction and running noise.

The SRAM DUB™ technology combines a further developed bottom bracket design with a completely revised crank spindle with a diameter of 28.99 mm. Thus, DUB™ guarantees improved protection against moisture and dirt as well as forward and backward compatibility with all common bottom bracket standards available on the market. So no matter what type of bike you have – with the right bottom bracket, the SRAM XX1 Eagle™ AXS™DUB™ crankset will fit into almost any frame.

• Customized design in electrifying AXS™ look
• Compatible with SRAM Eagle™ 12-speed chains
• DUB™ technology: 28.99 mm axle Ø for improved protection against dirt and full compatibility with all common BB standards
• SRAM Carbon-Tuned™ technology: for reduced weight of the crank and increased stiffness
• 34-tooth chainring, Direct Mount
• Material chainring: CNC milled Aluminium
• Material crank arm: carbon composite
• Weight: approx. 435 g (175 mm)

Chain line:
• 49 mm (non BOOST)
• 52 mm (BOOST)
Please make your choice.

Crankarm length:
• 170 mm
• 175 mm
Please make your choice.

Compatible bottom brackets:
• SRAM DUB™ bottom bracket cups with BSA thread (product code: 2273154)
• SRAM DUB™ bottom bracket cups PressFit 30 / BB30 (product code: 2273156)
• SRAM DUB™ bottom bracket cups Pressfit 89/92mm (product code: 2273157)

XG-1299 Eagle™ AXS™ Cassette

SRAM’s XG-1299 Eagle™ AXS™ cassette brings you closer to the freedom you desire. With 12 sprockets, an impressive gear range of 500% and a constant chain gap across all gears of the 10 to 50 teeth, you can reach any of your goals. Thanks to the X-DOME™ construction, the elegant cogset is extremely strong and stiff and the X-GLIDE™2 technology makes sure it is quiet and smooth-running. This is high-end shifting performance made by SRAM.

• Customized design in electrifying AXS™ look
• Exclusively compatible with XD freehub bodies
• 11 steel sprockets milled from one chrome-molybdenum steel block, 50-tooth sprocket made of aluminium
• PVD titanium-nitride coating
• Gear ratio: 10-12-14-16-18-21-24-28-32-36-42-50
• 500% gear range
• X-DOME™ construction for an extremely stiff cassette
• X-GLIDE™2 technology for maximum shifting performance and low noise
• Weight: approx. 355 g

XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ 12 Speed Chain

126 chain links for more fun on the trail, 12 gears to master any challenge and a rainbow design adapted to the overall look of the AXS™ groupset. The SRAM XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ bike chain meets all requirements. It is efficient, durable and effective which can already be seen from the chain’s design. It has no sharp edges for high comfort and smooth running.
Smoothed chain link plates and consistent chain riveting increase the chain’s overall strength. Thanks to a titanium-nitride coating and the HARD Chrome™ technology, it is extremely water-resistant and very quiet. Thus, the SRAM XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ Rainbow Chain promises reduced friction and improved shifting performance. Moreover, it is more resistant to corrosion and more durable.

• 12-speed chain
• 126 links
• Customized design in electrifying AXS™ look
• Compatible with SRAM Eagle X01 and XX1 groups
• FLOW LINK™ technology for better chain control and higher mileage
• HARD Chrome™ technology with PVD titanium-nitride coating for high mileage thanks to reduced corrosion and less friction
• Hollow Pins™ for increased plate strength, shifting efficiency and a low weight
• Nickel-plated outer plates
• Chrome-plated inner plates and rivet pins
• Weight: approx. 260 g (126 links)
• Incl. SRAM Eagle™ Powerlock chain connector

Life and Range

Battery charge indicator on the component itself:
• Green LED: 100% - 50%
• Red LED: 50% - 25%
• Flashing red light: 25%-0% (time to charge!)

Battery life with battery fully charged:
• SRAM Eagle™ AXS™ controller (CR 2032 battery): approx. 2 years
• SRAM XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ rear derailleur: approx. 20 hrs and more of riding

In the box:
• 1x SRAM XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ rear derailleur
• 1x SRAM Eagle™ AXS™ controller incl. battery (CR 2032)
• 1x SRAM XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ DUB™ crankset (BOOST or non BOOST)
• 1x SRAM XG-1299 Eagle™ AXS™ cassette (10-50 teeth)
• 1x SRAM XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ 12-speed Rainbow chain (126 links)
• 1x eTap® battery
• 1x charger
• 1x quick start guide

Standard battery:
Rechargeable battery:
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XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ Group

170mm, 34Z. Boost

XX1 Eagle™ AXS™ Group

170mm, 34Z. Boost
Das geilste was ich je hatte! MEGA - klare Kaufempfehlung.


The relationship between 28.99 mm diameter spindle and bottom bracket is the core of the DUB™ technology. This is where stiffness meets durability. Thanks to the system approach of integrating the relationship between chainring, crank, spindle and bottom bracket, SRAM has managed to make everything easier and better. It’s particularly the bottom brackets that benefit from increased durability thanks to an improved protection against dirt, resulting in enhanced drivetrain performance.


ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ rear derailleurs deliver maximum drivetrain stability – even through the most punishing terrain. With ROLLER BEARING CLUTCH™ technology, derailleur bounce and chain slap are eliminated without sacrificing precision.


The X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur’s ‘straight parallelogram’ design limits all movement to the horizontal axis, which makes ghost shifting impossible while also reducing shift force. For quicker, more exact shifting, the large upper pulley offset design maintains a constant chain gap across all gears.


With CAGE LOCK™ technology in the rear derailleur, wheel removal and installation – as well as chain installation – becomes faster and simpler than ever. Just push the cage forward to create slack and lock it into place.


X-GLIDE™ 2 is the next generation of SRAM’s X-GLIDE™ technology. It is optimised for the EAGLE™ 12-speed cassette and provides quick, precise, power-on shifting performance throughout the gear range. In addition, the X-GLIDE™ technology increases chain retention on larger cogs.


Strength and stiffness where you need it. Lightweight like you want it. Proprietary SRAM carbon lay-up design increases thickness and stiffness at critical stress areas. Tapered, terraced, carbon architecture ensures the greatest weight savings without compromising strength.