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RED® eTap AXS™ HRD Shift-Brake Control 1x12 for Disc Brakes

Código de producto: 228521201

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For SRAM, the electronic RED® eTap AXS™ shifting system is no less than a revolution. Maximum performance combined with ultimate flexibility were part of the engineers’ requirement specification. For the first time in the history of the US-American component manufacturer, a road bike shifting system has a total of 12 sprockets at the rear wheel. Thanks to the X-Range™ technology, the RED® eTap AXS™ not only impresses with smoother shifting, but also with an improved gear ratio that helps combine small gear steps with a wide range of gears in a clever way. Yet, the proven and intuitive eTap shifting logic remained unchanged. In addition, SRAM now offers the possibility to connect the shifting system to the AXS™ app and to customize it. You can now choose for example between a sequential and a compensating shifting mode or determine the number of shifted sprockets in the Multishift mode. Moreover the electronic integration platform allows you to monitor the battery status, adjust the controllers, receive maintenance reminders and update the firmware. In short – with the RED eTap AXS™ by SRAM, ambitious cyclists will finally enter the digital age!

• Completely wireless, electronic road bike shifting system
• For 1x12 speed configuration
• For disc brakes
• All electronic components in one package (read what’s in the box below)
• Part of SRAM’s AXS™ integration platform
• X-Range™ technology
• Orbit™ technology

HRD Brake/Shift Levers incl. Disc Brake

It’s time to shift forward.
SRAM RED® eTap AXS™ shift and brake levers are your control centre that wirelessly connects you with your road bike. As in a race car, you can change gears quickly and at the touch of a button. Thanks to the intuitive eTap® shift logic, both shift paddles control the rear derailleur. The right lever changes up at the back, the left lever changes down. Of course, you can additionally adjust shifting behaviour and assignments to suit your personal preferences by using the AXS™ app. Thus you’ll shift more, with less effort and spend less time doing it.
The hydraulic HydroHC™ disc brakes of the RED® eTap AXS™ deliver exactly the braking power you need in all conditions. This promises unlimited riding pleasure thanks to reliability and performance. The FlatMount brake calipers with a two-piece design offer great braking power and precise modulation, while perfectly blending in with the elegant and clean look of your bike.

• For use with SRAM eTap AXS™ 1x12 and 2x12 systems
• For hydraulic road bike disc brakes
• Compatible with SRAM AXS™ for easy customisation
• Easy and intuitive eTap® shift logic
• Large and ergonomic controllers
• Individual lever reach adjustment with Reach Adjust™
• Bite point adjustment with Contact Point Adjustment™
• Bleeding Edge™ technology for fast, easy bleeding
• Material brake levers: carbon
• Material shift levers: composite
• Disc brake caliper with FlatMount standard
• Material brake calipers: aluminium
• Brake pads: organic
• Brake hose length: front: approx. 950 mm, rear: approx. 1800 mm
• Battery type: CR 2032 (round cell battery)
• Run up to two Blips™ per side
• Weight: approx. 736 g

Disc Rotors

SRAM’s Centerline XR (CLX-R) brake discs were developed together with the SRAM eTap AXS™ drivetrains and are specifically designed to meet the needs of ambitious and professional road cyclists. Therefore, they guarantee outstanding braking performance and minimum noise

• Aerodynamic design, optimized for use on road bikes
• Brake disc Ø: 160 mm
• Two-piece design for a low weight
• CenterLock brake rotor mount
• Weight: approx. 262 g (per piece)

Rear derailleur

The RED® eTap AXS™ rear derailleur is an interactive masterpiece featuring a long list of top technologies for more silent and more efficient road shifting. The single rear derailleur covers all possible gear combinations (including single speed and double speed).
A particular highlight is the SRAM Orbit™ technology. A rear derailleur movement control mechanism that uses a special silicone fluid as part of the damping system. Compared to standard roller bearing clutch mechanisms, this technology creates no additional resistance at the spring of the rear derailleur. This allows for smoother and faster shifting. Besides, the fluid damper reliably maintains chain tension while riding for maximum chain control even in rough terrain.

• Compatible with SRAM eTap AXS™ 12 speed
• Suitable for any gear combination
• Compatible with SRAM AXS™ for easy customisation
• Improved motor and signal path for faster shifting
• Orbit™ chain management for a smooth and safe ride
• Larger X-SYNC™ pulleys with ceramic bearings for high durability and maximum performance
• Compatible with current eTap® batteries
• Material: aluminium/carbon/titanium
• Max. sprocket size: 33 teeth
• Capacity: 36 teeth
• Battery type: eTap® battery
• Weight: approx. 303 g (incl. battery)

Life and Range

Battery charge indicator on the component itself:
• Green LED: 100% - 25%
• Red LED: 25% - 15%
• Flashing red light: 15%-0%

Battery life with battery fully charged:
• SRAM RED® eTap AXS™ shift/brake lever (CR 2032 battery): approx. 2 years
• SRAM RED® eTap AXS™ rear derailleur: approx. 60 hrs of actual riding time

In the box:
• SRAM RED® eTap AXS™ HRD shift/brake levers for left and right side incl. disc brake caliper, hose and batteries (CR 2032)
• 1x SRAM RED® eTap AXS™ rear derailleur
• 2x SRAM Centerline XR disc rotors 160 mm, CenterLock brake rotor mount
• 1x eTap® battery pack
• 1x charger
• 1x quick start guide

Other compatible SRAM RED® eTap AXS™ components:
• SRAM RED® eTap AXS™ DUB™ crankset 1x12 (product code: 2285218)
• SRAM RED® eTap AXS™ DUB™ crankset Aero 1x12 (product code: 2285219)
• SRAM RED® XG-1290 cassette (product code: 2285216)
• SRAM eTap Blips™ (product code: 2285256)
• SRAM RED® 12-speed Flattop™ chain (product code: 2285215)
• SRAM Centerline disc rotor 140mm Centerlock (product code: 2286866)
• SRAM Centerline disc rotor 140mm or 160mm 6-bolt (product code: 2286865)

Standard battery:
Rechargeable battery:
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AXS™ (pronounced “access”) is an electronic integration platform that connects electric bike components with software by SRAM.
AXS™ components communicate wirelessly using 128-bit encryption. Every time several components of a groupset are connected with each other, e.g. shifter, front derailleur and rear derailleur, a unique code is generated to eliminate the risk of interference with signals of other riders’ systems.
The SRAM AXS™ App allows you to check the status of the battery, change component behavior, customize controls, get maintenance reminders and update the firmware.
The app is available for free download in the App Store for iPhone (iOS) and in the Google Play Store for Android.
All SRAM RED® eTap 11-speed components are NOT compatible with AXS™ components and the AXS™ software!


The Orbit™ technology is a kind of rear derailleur movement control. It uses a special silicone fluid as part of an extremely lightweight damping system. Compared to standard roller bearing clutch mechanisms, this technology is speed sensitive so that slow or slight movements don’t activate the clutch mechanism. This allows for smooth shifting and easy rear wheel removal. While riding, the fluid damper reliably keeps the chain under control. With high reliability and chain tension, for double and single speed systems.


Road bikes and road cyclists are faster and more capable than ever. The X-Range™ technology offers a wider and better range of gears. Thus it provides smoother, more useful gear progression. Smart shift settings (enabled by AXS™) transfer the simplicity of singlespeed systems to double speed drivetrains. Thus, you’ll always find the right gear. Faster – more efficient – more comfortable!

Bleeding Edge™

The Bleeding Edge™ technology makes bleeding brakes a quick and easy affair. Fluid path and bleed porting are designed to make it easier to push fluid through the brake caliper. A special bleed adapter plugs into the bleed port and seals the system to minimize air contamination and fluid loss.