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Squire Mako Combi CN8/900 Chain Lock

Código de producto: 228435101

RRP 42,95 € 36,95

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Secure & practical. The Mako Combi CN8/900 chain lock by Squire impressively proves that a combination lock can offer a very high security rating. What has already proved its worth on scooters and motorcycles is now also used to securely park your high-quality bike – but in a lighter version. Ideal for daily commutes with your e-bike. Of course it’s not a lightweight, but if you don’t want to win any races where each gram counts, you should invest in the high material quality to scare off thieves. 8mm strong chain links made of hardened steel and an armoured lock body reliably resist attacks. Here, the combination of five precisely fitting wheels is firmly integrated into the housing. This makes it extremely robust and resistant to manipulations. Screwdrivers, pliers and hammers won’t have a chance to pick the lock. As the chain is almost one metre long, you can easily lock your bike to immovable objects. Apart from high flexibility, the combination lock offers the advantage that there’s no key to lose. Several users may use the bike lock independently of one another without requiring several keys.

• Very strong chain lock for use in areas with high theft risk
• Squire security rating 9 out of 10 (very high security)
• 90 cm length
• High flexibility
• Enter your personal code to open the lock
• 5-digit code with 100,000 combinations
• Individually adjustable number combination
• TORQ DRIV technology ensure the lock cannot be accidentally recoded
• Lock housing resistant to manipulations
• Integrated lock head provides additional protection
• Form-fitting wheels and locking socket
• High-contrast numbers are easy to read
• Hardened square steel chain links
• Chain links: approx. 8 mm Ø
• Robust plastic coating as impact and abrasion protection
• Squire product series: Leisure BikeLok
• 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee
• Dimensions: approx. 1040 x 45 x 45 cm (opened)
• Material: specially hardened steel (chain, housing, locking mechanism)
• Weight: approx. 1690 g

In the box:
• Squire Mako Combi CN8/900 chain lock
• TORQ DRIV adjustment tool


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Security level: high:
Smartphone operated:
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Mako Combi CN8/900 Chain Lock

Die Bedienungsanleitung sollte mal überarbeitet werden !!
Das Schloß ist super

Mako Combi CN8/900 Chain Lock