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Challenger 260 U-Lock with 8C Loop Cable

Código de producto: 228562601

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This Squire combo consisting of a Challenger 260 U-lock and a 8C cable offers best all-round protection for your bicycle. While the U-lock is big enough to lock the frame of your bike to a fence or a street lamp, the cable easily slips through wheels, saddle or panniers to additionally secure the accessories. Hardened, steel, a solid construction and a reliable locking mechanism successfully resist attacks.

With traditional tools, you can’t pick the robust U-lock on the fly. This is also thanks to a double locking mechanism and an armoured cylinder. The duo impresses with a low weight and compact dimensions in relation to the level of security. The mounting bracket helps you integrate both locks into the frame so they won’t interfere with your legs when pedalling. The Squire security team consisting of U-lock and cable is a practical way to increase theft protection for various uses.

Details Challenger 260 U-lock:
• Robust U-lock for use in areas with high theft risk
• Key operated
• 4-pin tumbler lock mechanism with 1500 individual key features
• Shackle may only secured with the lock open
• Armoured lock body with steel shackle
• Locks both sides of the shackle inside the body
• Keyhole dustcover
• Hardened steel shackle
• Shackle: approx. 13 mm Ø
• Plastic coating as impact and abrasion protection
• Shackle clearance: approx. 105 mm
• Squire product series: Leisure BikeLok
• Squire security rating 7 out of 10 (greater security)
• 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee
• Dimensions: approx. 315 x 160 x 30 cm
• Inner dimensions: at least approx. 235 x 105 mm
• Lock body: 160 x 30 mm x 44 mm
• Material: specially hardened steel (cable, housing, locking mechanism)
• Weight approx.: 990 g (lock), 75 g (bracket)
• Frame mounting bracket included
• For tube Ø: approx. 25 - 65 mm

Details 8C Cable:
• Robust steel cable with two loop ends
• Additionally secures accessories and parts
• 180 cm cable length
• High flexibility
• Squire security rating 2 out of 10 (low security)
• Secured with a U-lock or padlock
• Inner loop diameter: approx. 35 mm Ø
• Also for use in combination with a frame lock
• Coiled multi-strand steel cable, cut- and saw-resistant
• Cable Ø: approx. 8 mm
• Strong crimp connection of loop
• Robust plastic coating as impact and abrasion protection
• Easy to coil
• With Velcro strap for anti-twist protection
• Squire product series: Leisure BikeLok
• 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee
• Dimensions: approx. Ø 150 x 20 mm (folded 4 times)
• Material: steel, plastic
• Weight: approx. 260 g

In the box:
• Squire Challenger 260 key operated U-lock
• 8C cable
• 2 keys
• Bracket with plastic screw clamps

Key operated:
Security level: medium:
Smartphone operated:
Code operated:
Security level: low:
Security level: high:
Manufacturer`s ref.:
Challanger 260/8C
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Challenger 260 U-Lock with 8C Loop Cable

Schlüssel hakt etwas, aber für den Preis ok. Macht einen sicheren Eindruck, musste sich bisher aber noch nicht ernsthaft gegen Diebstahtl beweisen

Challenger 260 U-Lock with 8C Loop Cable

Macht einen guten Eindruck und ist richtig stabil. Passte leider nicht in meinen Bike-Rahmen und wurde daher zurück gesendet.