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Spirgrips® MTB inner bar ends

Código de producto: 225165001

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Especially during longer rides, the MTB Spirgrips® offer a relaxing alternative grip position and provide thus relief for palms and joints stressed from a monotonous grip position. With wide handlebars especially, the inner bar ends can be used to ride in a relaxed sitting posture. When riding, you will vary the position of your hands on the handlebar frequently to modify unpleasant pressure at the ball of the hand and the shoulder.

Attached to the inner handlebar, these bar ends help you find a pleasant forearm position. They can also prevent one-sided stress on the muscles of the upper arm. The slightly angled position at the ergonomically shaped Spirgrips® helps reduce joint and muscle pain.

· Material: Swiss composite
· Ergonomic design
· For installation on the inner bar ends
· Pleasant feeling in the grip position
· Position with direct reach of the brake levers
· Suitable for a handlebar Ø of 22,2 mm
· No add-on parts have to be removed
· For handlebar Ø 22,2 mm
· Offer an alternative grip position
· Also suitable for MTB racing use
· Incl. Spirgrips® assembly paste for carbon handlebars
· Insert and screws made of stainless steel
· Dimensions: approx. 98 x 45 x 42 mm
· Weight: approx. 110 g (pair)

In the box:
· 1 pair of Spirgrips®
· 3 g Effetto Mariposa Carbogrip assembly paste


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Opiniones (9)


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MTB inner bar ends

schwarz matt

Für Touren super. Habe das bei meinem Bike montiert, welches keine Remote-Hebel hat.

Der Preus finde ich jedoch hoch angesetzt

MTB inner bar ends


I've been running the Spirgrips for about half a year now. I have Ergon GP1 grips and Deore brake levers.

Here's the good:
- I use them 80% to 90% of the time. I used to ride with my hands on the brake hoods but the Spirgrips are much more comfortable.
- Not losing contact with the brake levers has been a live saver.
- Spirgrips are sturdy, they do not creak or move, even while climbing.

The bad:
- Spirgrips are made of aluminium. They get quite cold in cold weather and slippery when wet. I might wrap them in bar tape for the coming winter.
- I have small to mediium hands, and the Spirgrips are a bit large. They might need different sizes for different hands.
- The price is too high for a solid piece of aluminium with just a hinge and a screw.

MTB inner bar ends


Klasse Teile, kann ich nur jedem empfehlen, der nicht immer nach aussen greifen möchte. Sehr wertig.allerdings wäre eine Art überzug auch schön gewesen, bei niedrigen Temp ohne Handschuhe ganz schön kalt.

MTB inner bar ends


einfache Montage, liegen sehr gut in der Hand