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You would like to mount your smartphone on the handlebar with a flick of the wrist? SP CONNECT makes it possible!

The secret lies in the combination of smartphone case and mount. Both feature the special SP CONNECT system that is locked in place with a 90° turn.

Fix it and ride off – the smart and secure solution for maximum stability.

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SP Connect SP Bike Bundle

The SP Bike Bundle by SP Connect allows you to securely mount your smartphone on the handlebar or headset cap of your bike. Thus, you will always have...

Color: schwarz

RRP 29,95 € desde24,95 

SP Connect SP Handlebar Outfront Mount

Thanks to a patented twist lock mechanism, the Handlebar Outfront Mount allows you to aerodynamically attach your SP Connect Phone Case to your handle...

Color: schwarz

RRP 39,95 € 32,95 

SP Connect SP Wedge Case Set

The protective, weather-resistant and wedge-shaped SP Wedge Case Set by SP Connect allows you to stow away personal items, such as your sunglasses, wa...

Color: schw.

RRP 39,95 € 34,95