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Edelux II Front Light with Coaxial Connector

Código de producto: 228688201


Precio IVA incluido más 9,95 € (de envío a España)

Plazo 4-8 días

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Thanks to a compact design and a clean and discreet look, the SON Edelux II front light is a good choice. The Edelux uses effective technology by Busch + Müller; the offset IQ-Tec mirror provides a wide and homogeneous illumination of the road ahead. The built-in LED is efficiently and carefully operated, cooper cooling fins provide cooling. This allows for increased light output and results in a brightness of up to 100 lux. A brightly shining light diode provides a wide light field focused mainly in the distance, putting most of the light further down the road for better near field illumination.

This version of the Edelux II bike light comes with a coaxial connector specifically developed by SON for easy and comfortable installation. All you need to do is fit the included coaxial adapter to the connections of your SON 28 or SONdelux hub dynamo. Then plug the connector of the integrated coaxial cable into the coaxial adapter and ride off!
Plug & play! No open litz wires, no insulation required and thus fewer contact surfaces for moisture and corrosion through defective shrinking tubes. All that ensures a reliable electrical connection and less loose plug connections.

• Optimal near field illumination thanks to B+M reflector technology
• Up to 4 minutes of capacitor-standlight
• 3 modes: sensor automatic, on/off switch
• StVZO approved for all types of bikes

• For 6 volt alternating voltage (hub dynamo)
• Brightness up to 100 lux
• Cable length: approx. 60 cm
• Weight: approx. 75 g (without cable)

In the box:
• 1x SON Edellux II LED front light with coaxial connector
• 1x stainless steel bracket
• 1x screw-on front reflector
• 1x coaxial adapter (suitable for all current SON 28 and SONdelux hub dynamos)

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