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SKS Germany AIRSPY Presta Air Pressure Sensors

Código de producto: 229430401


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The SKS Germany Airspy Presta is air pressure sensor and digital pressure gauge in one. Once fitted to the Presta valve, the lightweight 18 g sensor continuously measures the pressure of your tyres and transmits the data to the SKS Mybike App on your smartphone or ANT+ compatible bike computer via Bluetooth. In addition, you can activate pressure fluctuation alerts. During inflation the sensor remains on the bike to precisely show you the current air pressure. As the sensors come supplied with theft protection shackles, you don’t need to worry about thieves either. The sensors are dust- and waterproof.

• Mobile, digital pressure gauge: check the air pressure during tyre inflation
• For attachment to Presta valves
• Also suitable for tubeless systems
• Data transfer to compatible smartphones or bike computers via Bluetooth or ANT+
• SKS Mybike App available for free download
• In-app pressure fluctuation alert
• Temperature and battery charge indicator in app
• Dust- and waterproof
• Theft protection shackles in different sizes included
• Weight: approx. 18 g per sensor
• Maximum tyre pressure: 8.3 bars/120 PSI
• Power supply: CR 2032 3V button cell (not included)

In the box:
• 2x SKS AIRSPY Presta air pressure sensors
• 2x SKS Presta adapters
• 4x theft protection shackles (2 sizes)

For Dunlop and Schrader valves, you’ll need SKS Airspy Schrader sensors (product code: 2294302).


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