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Cross Trail 5 Ultra headlamp

Código de producto: 227529301

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Thanks to two battery packs, the Cross Trail 5 Ultra headlamp by Silva is the ultimate choice for extensive training sessions and outdoor tours. Besides, the double battery pack offers high flexibility and can be used as a combined energy source. Even when used in the highest power mode, the USB rechargeable battery pack offers enough light power for an entire night together with the second battery pack. By replugging the cable you can turn the light on again and further extend the burn time with four additional AA batteries for the battery pack. Thanks to a high light intensity and an extremely long burn time, the headlamp reliably shows you the way in twilight and darkness. A red rear light adds extra visibility in the dark.

The robust Cross Trail 5 Ultra can be used as a headlamp or helmet light to provide perfect vision when moving fast with your mountain bike or during other sport activities. The wide anti-slip headband is ergonomically designed and adjustable in length for a perfect fit. You can either fix the battery pack to the headband or to the helmet, while the reserve battery pack is waiting for its turn. The soft Velcro strap allows for a flexible attachment to your belt, bike frame or backpack. The ultra-compact high-performance headlamp by Silva particularly stands out for the adjustable, high light output for use at high speeds. Therefore, the functional headlamp features the Intelligent Light® technology that optimizes the light pattern by the unique combination of a wide beam of light in front of you and a long reach spot light. With less head movements, you gain a clear view of your surroundings, nearby obstacles and the road ahead. This gives you the safety you need to ride fast, without having to fear any dark fields.

For runners, skiers or mountain bikers, this means less head movements for an improved balanced and increased speed. Besides, the ingenious Silva Flow Light provides a seamless tuning of the light pattern for your favourite sport. Simply tilting the light downwards makes the beam wider to brighten up slower activities. When tilting the headlamp upwards, the light reaches longer to provide perfect vision when you move fast. And if no maximum light power is required, you can use the energy-saving mode for extensive training sessions and races. The battery charge indicator warns you when the battery is low to make sure you will get home safely with your Silva Cross Trail 5.

· Compact, lightweight headlamp and Tyto safety light
· Including rechargeable battery pack and replaceable battery pack
· 2x high-power LEDs
· Max. luminous flux: approx. 500 lumens
· Big on/off switch, can also be operated with gloves on
· 4 light modes: Maximum, Medium, Minimum, Blinking
· Wide, comfortable anti-slip headband (machine washable at max. 40 °C)
· Adjustable tilt and light angle
· Light distance: up to 130 m
· max. Battery life approx.: 25 hrs (80 lm), 12 hrs (250 lm), 6 hrs (500 lm)
· Max. battery life of AA battery pack approx.: 90 hrs (80 lm), 12 hrs (250 lm), 6 hrs (500 lm)
· SILVA Intelligent Light: Combines a bright central spot light with a long reach and a wide beam of light ahead of you
· Min mode: For a long battery life, when no special illumination is required
· SILVA Flow Light: Adjustment of the light pattern for different activities by tilting the lamp body
· Temperature control feature: Reduction of the current flow protects from overheating
· Operating temperature range from -10 °C to +55 °C
· Battery pack: 4x NiCd or NiMH batteries or AA Alkaline batteries 1,2-1,5V (not included)
· Easy to open for battery replacement
· Battery: Li-ion 7,4 V with 3,3 Ah
· Rechargeable via USB
· Charging time: approx. 4 hrs
· Battery charge indicator LEDs and low battery warning (<10% battery power)
· Protection class: Headlamp and battery IP X5 (protected against hose water)
· True Lumen: The light power is measured according to the ANSI / NEMA FL1 standard 30 seconds after switching the lamp on.
· Material: BS, aluminium, PC, TPU
· Weight: approx. 78 g (light), 152 g (rechargeable battery), 168 g (battery pack)

Tyto safety light
· Weight: approx. 12 g
· 2 light modes: permanent red light, flashing red light
· Protection class: IP X6 (protected against a strong jet of water)
· Max. Burn time: approx. 24 hrs (permanent light), 100 hrs (flashing light)

In the box:
· Cross Trail 5 Ultra headlamp
· Ergonomic headband
· Hard battery pack
· Battery pack with textile cover and strap (without batteries)
· USB charging cable
· Connecting cable
· Helmet attachment
· Cable holder
· Silva Tyto safety light with belt clip
· 2x CR2032 battery cells

Burn time specifications refer to an ambient temperature of +20 °C. The burn time depends on the operating temperature. It may be reduced significantly in very high or low temperatures around zero.

The SILVA Connection System offers additional flexibility to use any SILVA Li-Ion battery from 2008. Provided that the connection cable is suitable for the Silva headlamp, you can use the battery pack in combination with the light.

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