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Sigma AURA 80 USB LED front light / BLAZE USB battery-powered rear light with brake light kit

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Sigma light kit consisting of AURA 80 battery-powered front light USB (product code 2292621) and BLAZE battery-powered rear light USB with brake light (product code 2292624).

AURA 80 USB LED front light
In the dark season, ambitious cyclists need an ambitious lighting system!
Sigma’s AURA 80 is the top model of the AURA series and stands out for powerful 80 Lux and a generous range of 90 metres. A high-quality Osram LED creates an even light pattern in all light zones. This turns the compact and rechargeable bicycle lamp into a great off-road companion, too. Yet, the light is of course also road legal.
With the built-in battery and lighting mode indicator, cyclists can always keep track of the remaining battery charge and the lighting mode they have set. The AURA 80 is a first-class lamp for sporty training rides and long tours in poor light conditions.
Moreover, the additional Light Guide at the sides of the LED front light increase your lateral visibility to other road users.

• StVZO approved for all types of bikes
• Easy to understand battery and lighting mode indicator
• Light Guide for high lateral visibility
• Lamp: Osram LED
• Light power 80 Lux (60 Lux in Mid mode, 40 Lux in Low mode and 20 Lux in Eco mode)
• Lighting range: approx. 90 m
• Approx. 4 hrs battery life in Standard mode, 5 hrs in Mid mode, 6,5 hrs in Low mode, 15 hrs in Eco mode
• Charging time: approx. 4,5 hrs
• Integrated Micro USB charging function (can be charged during operation)
• 360° adjustable bracket
• Tool-free installation with silicone strap, also suitable for oversize bars (Ø 22 - 32 mm)
(The front light can only be removed together with the mount.)
• Switch-on protection (double click for ON)
• Waterproof rating: IPX4
• Weight: approx. 119 g (incl. mount)

BLAZE rear light with brake light
Small but powerful!
Sigma’s BLAZE LED rear light is road legal and packed with technologies. What’ more, its sporty design and low weight will enthuse ambitious cyclists right away.
With a range of approx. 500 metres, it increases your visibility in road traffic and thus your safety in the dark season, too.
The most amazing feature of the BLAZE rear light is the combination of a built-in light/dark sensor which makes the rear light automatically switch between night and day mode and the automatic brake light that works with a sensitive acceleration sensor.
When in Night mode, two brake LEDs are added to the permanent light to increase the signal effect when you are reducing your speed. In Day mode, the permanent light is switched off. Only the brake function is activated, using 3 bright LEDs to increase the attention of other road users in bright light conditions.
The light/dark sensor is especially handy in changing light conditions, for example when riding through tunnels or on dark forest trails. In surroundings like these, Sigma’s BLAZE rear light automatically switches into the Night mode to increase your safety in poor light conditions.

• StVZO approved for all types of bikes
• Brake light function through acceleration sensor
• Automatically switches between Day and Night mode thanks to a surrounding light sensor
• Very high lateral visibility
• LED battery tail light with integrated micro USB charging function
• Lithium-ion battery
• Visibility up to 500 m
• Battery life approx. 7 hrs
• Charging time: approx. 3 hrs
• 2-step Sigma battery and charging indicator
• Housing resists water spray according to IPX4
• Tool-free installation with O-ring
• Weight: approx. 22 g

In the box:
• 1 x Sigma AURA 80 USB front light with integrated silicone bracket
• 1 x Sigma BLAZE USB battery-powered rear light with fixing material
• 1 x Micro USB cable


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Rechargeable battery:
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