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Dura Ace Di2 ST-R9160 shift/brake lever set for aero bars

Código de producto: 225970501


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Plazo 4 días

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Timelessly fast. If you want to squeeze the last ounce of efficiency, you should have a look at Shimano's shift/brake lever with Di2 system, which is probably the most striking component of Shimano's Dura Ace Di2 R 9150 series. The Shimano Dura Ace DI2 ST-R9160 shift/brake lever sets new standards. The Syncro-Shift funtion of the ST-R9160 exclusively controls the rear derailleur. The right shifter shifts into the heavy gears, while the left shifter shifts into the low gears. Compared to the predecessor model, it is not only around 30 g lighter, but also comes with an approx. 40 mm shorter profile. Thus, it offers improved aerodynamics and a reduced weight. Besides, the shifter offers great ease of use, as the Multi-Shift function can be separately switched on and off on each lever. The braking power modulation has been improved, too - even in racing conditions. When used in combination with other components of the Dura Ace group, this shift and brake lever set can give you the decisive advantage.

• Compatible with 11-speed/double
• Optimised modulation in racing conditions
• Good grip for full control when shifting
• Suitable for Synchro-Shift thanks to a button on each side
• Features can be adapted to your style of riding (the Multi-Shift function can be separately switched on and off for each lever)
• Clean cockpit thanks to integrated E-Tube and brake cable routing
• Lever reach adjustment
• Plug mount EW-RS910 (item no.: 2259007) for internal installation and EW-RS911 (item no.: 2238555) for external installation
• 1 connection for electronic sprinter shifter TT/tri shifter Dura Ace SW-R9160 (item no.: 2258746)
• Compatible with E-Tube cable EW-SD50 (item no.: 1772052)
• Compatible brakes: BR-R9100 (item no.: 2237936) BR-9110 (item no.: 2237945, 2237954)
• Inner ∅ for handlebar installation 19-22,5 mm
• Material brake lever: carbon
• Weight: approx. 124 g

Including: 1x pair of Shimano Dura Ace Di2 ST-R9160 brake/shift levers (left and right)

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