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Selle SMP

T4 Triathlon saddle

Código de producto: 227977601

109,95 RRP 199,00 €

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más 9,95 € de envío a España

  • Color:  schwarz

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The T4 Triathlon saddle is the most versatile in the Selle SMP Triathlon family and is particularly suitable for athletes with a medium pelvis.

The SMP4Bike Triathlon saddle line by Selle SMP was developed to offer maximum comfort to competition-oriented triathletes. All of the models of this line come with a shortened saddle nose with comfortable padding, which allows the rider to sit at the very front of the saddle. The shape of the lowered saddle nose prevents too much pressure on genitals – even in the deep riding posture typical of triathletes. The central relief channel reduces pressure on the perineum and prostate area. What’s more, a very large adjustment range of the saddle’s underframe ensures that you can perfectly match the position of the saddle with the one of the handlebar.

A specially designed hook at the rear of the Selle SMP T4 saddle, is an extremely smart gimmick. It was developed to suspend the bike in the racks of the transition zone and quickly remove it from there again. Perhaps this proves to be a decisive advantage compared to those bikes that are suspended in the classic way at the saddle’s nose. In a race, every second counts.

• Slightly padded saddle for triathlon use
• Belongs to the competition-oriented SMP4Bike Triathlon line
• With Full Cut relief channel
• Lowered saddle nose
• Ergonomic seat area
• Real leather cover
• Padding: elastomer foam
• Saddle shell: nylon 12, reinforced with carbon fibre
• Saddle rails: stainless steel AISI 304, vibration-reducing
• Long saddle rail for maximum adjustability
• Practical hook to suspend the bike in the transition zone
• Dimensions: approx. 246 x 135 mm
• Weight: approx. 295 g

Further models of the SMP4Bike Triathlon line:
• Selle SMP T1 Triathlon saddle (product code: 2279772)
• Selle SMP T2 Triathlon saddle (product code: 2279775)

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