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Multi Cage PET Bottle Cage for Drinks Bottles

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Multi Cage PET Bottle Cage for Drinks Bottles

Código de producto: 231950701


Precio IVA incluido más 9,95 € (de envío a España)

Plazo 4-8 días

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If you need a large quantity of water on your cycling tours, you can store it directly in the ROSE Multi Cage PET bottle cage. The sturdy holder for frame mounting holds PET beverage bottles from one to one and a half litres. This means you can leave your bike bag or backpack at home or save yourself the trouble of pouring the drink into a water bottle for standard bottle cages. These also have a much smaller capacity, so you would have to take several ones with you. What’s more, with the Multi Cage PET, it is no longer a problem to take along carbonated drinks, which usually leak from bike drink bottles.

For optimal size adjustment to the bottle, the back part of the carrying frame can be pulled out and fixed with the sliding spreader clamp. The clamp also serves as a support for the PET bottle when the retaining rubber on the finger pull ring is stretched over the neck of the bottle. This can be done with a flick of the wrist and secures the bottle from falling out when you're riding on rough routes.

• Aluminium bottle cage with variable adjustment
• Suitable for standard 1.0 / 1.25 / 1.5 litre PET bottles
• Very stable construction
• Mounted on the bottle cage attachment points
• Height-adjustable back frame
• Flexible rubber band securing with pull ring

Technical details:
• Material: aluminium, polished/painted, plastic
• Receiving opening: approx. 92 mm
• Height of retaining bracket: approx. 75 mm
• Dimensions: approx. 110 x 90 x 245 / 320 mm
• Bolt spacing: 65 mm
• Weight: approx. 120 g

In the box:
• 1 ROSE Multi Cage PET bottle cage for drinks bottles

Bike water bottles (74 mm Ø) do not fit in the ROSE Multi Cage PET bottle cage.
Not suitable for glass bottles (risk of breakage) and rough off-road riding, as the weight can cause damage to the mounting screw connection in the frame and the bottle cage.

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