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¡Mejor valorado!

Continental Grand Prix 5000 folding road bike tyre

Continental has ceased the production of the popular all-round tyre Grand Prix 4000 S II, even though it is still a reference among all road bike tyre...

Color: schwarz/schwarz

RRP 62,90 € 39,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

Continental Grand Prix 4-Season road tyre, folding tyre

Equipped for every season. Thanks to the Vectran™ fibre used, the foldable tyre is very sturdy and offers high puncture protection in every season. Th...

Color: schw/schw.

RRP 62,90 € 36,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

Schwalbe Durano Double Defense Performance road tyre clincher tyre

The Double Defense version of the popular mile-eater Schwalbe Durano in the Performance clincher version. Its Dual Compound tread ensures excellent g...

Color: schwarz

RRP 32,90 € 19,95 

Pirelli P ZERO™ Velo road tyre

Power is nothing without control. After more than 25 years of absence, Pirelli returns to the cycle racing market - and today, the old slogan from the...

Color: schwarz/silber

RRP 42,99 € desde36,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

Schwalbe G-ONE ALLROUND Performance Tyre

The G-ONE ALLROUND tyre is a smooth rolling tyre that is especially designed for gravel use. This tyre will not only turn your cross country rides int...

Color: schwarz

RRP 38,90 € 21,95 

¡Mejor valorado!

Schwalbe G-ONE ALLROUND Evolution TL-Easy tyre

The G-ONE ALLROUND tyre is especially designed for gravel use. The smooth running tread and the Tubeless Easy technology will let you enjoy your rides...

Color: schwarz

RRP 59,90 € 34,90 

Challenge Gravel Grinder Cross folding tyre

Thanks to a flat diamond-style centre tread, the Gravel Grinder by Challenge rolls incredibly smoothly. Besides, higher side knobs offer sufficient gr...

RRP 47,90 € desde32,95 

Challenge Strada Bianca Gravel TLR Cross/Gravel folding tyre

With the Strada Bianca Gravel TLR by Challenge, you will feel safe when racing over endless gravel tracks and bad roads at high speeds – preferably wi...

RRP 52,90 € 42,90 

¡Stock bajo!

Vittoria Terreno Wet TNT G+ Cyclocross/Gravel folding tyre TLR

The Vittoria Terreno Wet TNT feels at home on moist forest and field paths. Therefore, this rolling rubber is the perfect winter training tyre for all...

RRP 48,95 € 19,76 


¡Mejor valorado!

Continental Presta 42 28" Road Bike Tube

Classic race tube for 28" road bike tyres. · Material: butyl · 700 x 18 - 25 C / 18-622 -> 25-622 · Weight: approx. 105 g · Presta valve (42 mm)

RRP 7,50 € 3,45 

tubolito Tubo CX/Gravel 700C Cross ultra-light tube Presta

Lightweight, wide, strong. As a robust lightweight, the Tubo-CX/Gravel tube by Tubolito is perfect for fast-paced cross-country races on wider tyres....

Color: orange

RRP 29,90 € 21,95