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Regeneration is THE topic of the year 2019.

In recent years, the topic of regeneration has become increasingly important. More and more studies have confirmed the positive effects of regenerative breaks. A growing number of tools and gadgets was launched to support you in the recovery phase. More and more techniques for effective fascia work, using for example EMS, have become popular.

One thing is sure now: Regeneration is just as important as the actual training. You will not get stronger during exercise, but in the recovery breaks between workout units. Smart athletes benefit from this knowledge in order to get the most out of themselves.

Ranging from EMS muscle stimulation via smartphone through to vibrating fascia rolls and high-quality sports nutrition – we have put together our top products for the most effective regeneration possible. Improve your training – without training at all.

Powerdot Duo 2.0 battery-powered electric muscle stimulator

PowerDot Duo 2.0 – the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The Duo version allows you to stimulat...

Color: schwarz


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Powerdot Uno 2.0 battery-powered smart muscle stimulator

PowerDot Uno 2.0 – the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) device that connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. A targeted activation of the muscles p...

Color: schwarz


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Bluetens BLT02 EMS Device Battery-Powered Muscle Stimulator

Turn your smartphone into a wellness coach! You can easily control the compact Bluetens BLT02M EMS device with built-in battery with your smartphone v...

RRP 149,00 € 139,00 

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Bluetens Duo-Sport EMS Device Battery-Powered Muscle Stimulator

The Bluetens Duo-Sport set offers no less than two smartphone connected Tens devices that help you recover faster and treat and strengthen your muscle...


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Garmin Index Smart Scale

The Index Smart Scales by Garmin top off your smart fitness management. Garmin Index is Wi-Fi connected, allowing you to wirelessly sync your extensiv...

Color: schwarz

RRP 169,00 € 138,95 

Sigma ID.LIFE heart rate monitor watch incl. activity tracker

The Sigma ID.LIFE sports watch combines all essential features of a heart rate monitor watch and an activiy tracker without requiring the use of a sma...

RRP 69,95 € desde49,95 

Polar Vantage M GPS watch with heart rate measurement

Even though the Vantage M watch by Polar offers less features than the V version, it comes with integrated heart rate measurement and offers all impor...

Color: white

RRP 279,95 € 214,95 


Garmin Forerunner 645 Music GPS running watch

If your music belongs to running just as a detailed analysis of your running efficiency and your training progress do, the Forerunner 645 Music GPS ru...

Color: cherry-red

RRP 449,99 € 379,95 

Blackroll Booster Set Slim foam roller

Handy set for intensive muscle stimulation, consisting of a Blackroll Slim foam roller (item no.: 2272759) and a vibrating Blackroll Booster. The Boos...

RRP 199,00 € 172,95 

Blackroll Blackbox set

All Blackroll massage devices in a handy and low-priced set – for a wide range of exercises. Comes with a Blackroll Standard massage roll to roll out...

RRP 59,90 € 47,95 

Blackroll Loop Band Set

The Loop Band set by Blackroll offers many advantages of a flexible fitness tool for targeted training of smaller muscle chains. Three different resis...

RRP 39,90 € 32,95 

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Blackroll Mat

The perfect exercise mat in comfort size for exercises with and without training tools. The non-slip Blackroll mat offers perfect damping and comes wi...

Color: schwarz

RRP 69,90 € 58,95 

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ultraSPORTS ultraRECOVER Refresher drink powder - lactose-free -

The ultraSPORTS drink for use after training units with carbohydrates and whey protein. ultraRECOVER Refresher contains whey protein, carbohydrates a...

Variante: tropic

en vez de 24,90 € 23,30  Precio básico: 46,60 € / kg

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PowerBar Recovery Max / 2.0 Drink powder

Intensive training sessions or competitions can weaken your immune system and cause muscle fatigue. The carbohydrates contained in the Recovery Drink...

Disponible en varias versiones
en vez de 31,95 € 25,52  Precio básico: 22,31 € / kg

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Isostar High Protein 90 set incl. shaker

Isostar High Protein 90 drink powder – now in a set together with a free Isostar shaker Simply mix it with water, milk, yoghurt or muesli to get an i...

Disponible en varias versiones
RRP 24,85 € 20,90  Precio básico: 27,87 € / kg

Dextro Energy drink powder Recovery Drink

The Recovery Drink is a carbohydrate-protein drink that is particularly suited for the consumption after endurance training. It has a carbohydrate : p...

Variante: tropical

desde1,22  Precio básico: 2,77 € / 100g

AMSport 100% Natural Vegan Protein drink powder

The concentrated vegan AMSport drink powder provides you with a protein mixture of the four vegetable protein sources pea, sunflower, hemp and rice to...

Disponible en varias versiones
24,91  Precio básico: 55,36 € / kg

PowerBar Clean Whey protein bar

As the bar comes completely without chocolate coating, you will immediately see what's inside. No matter if you prefer the 45 g or 60 g bar, the after...

Disponible en varias versiones
RRP 1,79 € desde1,56  Precio básico: 3,47 € / 100g

Clif Bar Builder's Protein Bar 30%

Clif Builder's Protein bars are specifically made for athletes. In addition to 20g of soy and nut proteins, the bars contain vitamins and minerals. Hi...

Disponible en varias versiones
RRP 2,19 € 2,06  Precio básico: 3,03 € / 100g