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Termica Long Salopette Thermal Bib Tights

Código de producto: 228549501

219,95 RRP 289,00 €

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The Termica Long Salopette by Q36.5 are THE perfect tights for intense training during the winter season. They are made from densely woven UF-HYBRID SHELL PLUS material in combination with a second layer of perforated fleece at the front legs. This makes a membrane unnecessary. Both layers work together as a system that maintains a stable body temperature and offers effective protection from wind and weather.
These new bib tights have an additional warming effect, thanks to the intelligent fibre on the inside. This so-called Heat Fibre is obtained from the leftovers of coffee bean production. The fibre attracts infrared radiation from the surroundings and heats up the body with it. With these tights, the thick, heavy feeling of traditional winter tights is a thing of the past.
Fit and construction of this new version were reduced even further. The fit is a result of the constant further development of the ergonomic fit design, using only a minimum of seams, which are placed strategically. What’s more, thanks to the anti-stress panel, the central seams at the crotch have disappeared as well. With a laser cut finish, it was possible to eliminate even more seams. A thought-out alignment of the panels is adapted to the pedalling movement and makes use of the vertical elasticity of the fabric. This is a strategic design feature that is noticed by sensitive riders during pedalling.

• Breathable winter bib tights – perfect for cold, dry conditions & damp weather
• Densely woven UF-HYBRID SHELL PLUS material
• Front of legs with additional fleece layer
• Robust DYNEEMA reinforcements in the seat area
• Minimal seams thanks to laser cut finish and seamless anti-stress panel at the crotch
• Vertical elasticity for even more freedom of movement when pedalling
• Ergonomic fit
• Reflective elements
• SUPER MOULDED seat pad
• Weigh only approx. 275g

Material: 60% polyamide, 33% elastane, 7% polyester

Very densely woven material that offers outstanding insulation, thanks to the Heat Fibre used on the inside. The fibre is obtained from the leftovers of coffee bean production. In addition, a silver thread was integrated that further enhances heat management.

The material is particularly robust, yet very lightweight and offers improved thermoregulation at the crotch.

The SUPER MOULDED pad is made from a foam with different heights and densities. It combines sewn components with thermo-moulded components using a thermo moulding process to provide a comfortable feeling on the skin despite the different thicknesses. Based on the popular FUSION chamois pad, this pad is especially moulded to meet the needs of the perineal area, the ischium and the crotch. The SUPER MOULDED pad is a highly functional seat pad that is designed to offer athletes best support while cycling: in the rather upright riding position, on long climbs or in the standard racing position where pressure is acting on the perineal area as well as in the aero position.

The reflective elements attached to the clothing as design elements or decoration do not represent a personal protective equipment as mentioned in EU regulation 2016 / 425.

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Trouser features:
With straps, With seat pad
Slim fit
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Termica Long Salopette Thermal Bib Tights

navy blue
Top Passform (1,84/72kg/Größe M), schönes Blau, hält warm (bei Minusgraden noch nicht getestet), atmungsaktiv. Teuer, aber Qualität/Farbe/Funktionen haben eben ihren Preis.

Termica Long Salopette Thermal Bib Tights

Perfekt. Warm und wie eine zweite Haut.

Termica Long Salopette Thermal Bib Tights

Perfekte Hose. Trage die Hose bei unter 5 Grad. Geht aber auch noch bei höheren Temperaturen bis 10 Grad. Sitzt wie eine zweite Haut. Top Verarbeitung.