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Aluminium Extensions 45/25A for aero bars

Código de producto: 228150501


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Plazo 4 días

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The Aluminium Extensions 35A for aero bars are developed from the proven T-series by Profile Design. The offer a 45° upward bend in the lower section, which blends into a 25° bend in the upper section. In combination with the 7,5 mm angle, this creates several comfortable grip positions, which allow the rider to choose between a compact riding position with deep hand posture or an aerodynamically stretched position with high hand posture. In addition, the 45/25A extensions are prepared for internal shift cable routing and for internal cable routing of Shimano Di2 bar end shifters or brake/shift combinations for the bar end.

• Component of the Profile Design FLYT system
• Material: Aluminium 6061 T6
• Length: approx. 400 mm
• Outer Ø: 22,2 mm
• Prepared for internal cable routing
• Weight: approx. 200 g (pair)

Profile Design FLYT system

With the FLYT system, Profile Design wants to simplify the process of fitting an aerobar to a rider. By using a combination of 3 brackets (Sonic, Supersonic and Subsonic), 3 armrests (Ergo, Boom (see below) and Race) and 3 extension options (35, 50 and 45/25), it offers 27 different combinations and more than 1000 adjustment options. This results in an uncomplicated basis for individual fit options - for hobby cyclists and professional bike fitters.

Please click on the button for more information and a graphical illustration.

The Boom arm rests are similar to the F-40 arm rests. All other arm rests of Profile's F series are also compatible, yet not part of the FLYT system. The same holds true for all carbon and aluminium extensions of the T and V series.

Components of the FLYT system:

• Profile Sonic Bracket Kit (product code 2281513)
• Profile Supersonic Bracket Kit (product code 2254079)
• Profile Subsonic Bracket Kit (product code 2281512)

• Profile Ergo Injected Armrest Set (product code 2281521)
• Profile Race Injected Armrest Set (product code 2281520)
• Profile F40 Armrest Set (product code 2254086)

• Profile Aluminium Extensions 35A (product code 2281504)
• Profile Aluminium Extensions 50A (product code 2281506)
• Profile Aluminium Extensions 45/25A (product code 2281505)
• Profile Carbon Extensions 35C (product code 2281508)
• Profile Carbon Extensions 50C (product code 2281509)
• Profile Carbon Extensions 45/25C (product code 2281510)

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